Remain cautious in managing the activities of your company

Business leaders always have an obligation to take care of their employees both physically and morally.

Currently, many business owners or business owners often use specialized organizations to carry out an analysis of the risks inherent in the company’s activity.


Need for support in the assessment of occupational risks

The assessment of occupational risks within a company must be done as thoroughly as possible to ensure the continuity and sustainability of the company. The bmdc-formacom group is one of these organizations that helps private companies and even the administration in its research, evaluation and processing of data relating to occupational risks. It is an audit, consulting and training firm that will be able to provide a satisfactory accompaniment in carrying out the assessment of occupational risks in companies.


The content of the escort service

In order for the support to the evaluation of occupational risks to be satisfactory, it is necessary for the organism performing the analysis to carry out a field study. We are talking about an internal audit of the company done by an organization. During this audit, exchanges with the staff and the advice of the senior staff will be carried out. This step consists mainly in making an inventory of the premises and the risks related to the activity of the company and the work done by the employees. Only after this step will the organization be able to develop an action plan aimed at preventing any occupational risk.


Goals of support for the evaluation of occupational risks

The process is necessary to bring the company in line with the new security standards in force. All companies, but also local authorities must always adapt and adopt security measures to prevent any danger. Businesses or Administrations must highlight their concern for protecting the health of their employees. The main purpose of the support to the evaluation of occupational risks is to draw up a long-term action plan that will enable the company or the local authorities to update their occupational risk prevention system each time the need arises. feels it. It’s about the safety of employees and the sustainability of the business to make a professional risk assessment. Field approaches will provide a concrete vision of the problems and solutions to be addressed.


The benefits of using coaching in the assessment of occupational risks

The assessment of occupational hazards and the adoption of measures to ensure the safety of employees are legal requirements, which makes it an obligation for businesses and communities. But beyond this obligation, he can devise maneuvers and adjusted measures that will help improve working conditions within the accompanied organization. It offers a personalized treatment to each situation present in each company or local administration. When a company, for example, makes the effort to do the professional risk assessments and takes action to improve working conditions within the company, it will be easier to put in place a good lever for boost the potential of the company to the maximum.

Entrepreneurship: the Art of Delegation in 7 rules

The delegation represents the keystone of a company’s success, the professional and personal success of its creator and leader.

To effectively assign certain tasks to collaborators, it is important to respect certain principles. The following 7 rules are part of it.


Delegate: for what reasons?

Creating and running a business involves heavy tasks. The entrepreneur must assume several functions at once, such as sales, innovation, financial management and human resources. Added to this are small, routine jobs that take up the day of a business leader. This work overload requires long uninterrupted hours of work, leaving the office only very late in the evening and working even during the weekends. In the end, the entrepreneur no longer has the opportunity to enjoy a family and social life and by no longer taking a little time to “breathe”, he ends up getting stressed.

Before arriving at this stage, he must think about assigning certain tasks to one or more collaborators. Delegation is a key element in ensuring the success of a business.


1. Accept the idea of ​​delegating

The majority of business creators have the natural desire to carry out, as much as possible, a large part of the tasks that fall to their organization. This is a worthy quality, even essential when the project is only at the start-up stage. However, as soon as the company’s activities begin to develop, the entrepreneur must force himself to assign some of his work to other collaborators. Even if the idea of ​​delegating is against his will, he must accept it to ensure his physical and mental well-being and also to ensure the sustainability of his business.


2. Plan to delegate on time

Providence is the second rule to be respected. Do not expect to be overwhelmed or worse, to be on the verge of a nervous breakdown, to delegate certain tasks. The decision must be made as soon as the entrepreneur realizes that his tasks are accumulating. The delegation may require the recruitment of a new employee who will help organize the work and develop new skills to take over some of the tasks performed so far by the entrepreneur himself.


3. Know the strengths and weaknesses of your team

Before assigning certain works, the contractor must be aware of the strengths and weaknesses of each member of his team. This parameter is important to the success of the delegation process because the way you perform a task differs from one individual to another.

Some employees may be slow, but methodical. They constitute an ideal solution for the delegation of important works provided that they are not urgent. Others are faster, but disorganized. They are suitable for a delegation of tasks to be performed immediately.


4. Invest in training

An entrepreneur should not think that he is the only one who knows how to do a certain job. That may be true, but he can always teach someone else to do this task by training him. To succeed a delegation, a business leader must invest in training. The apprenticeship is done in one time over a specific period, but afterwards, the person to whom the work will be delegated can assume his role indefinitely.


5. A clear definition of his expectations

The employee assigned to perform certain tasks delegated by the entrepreneur must have a clear idea of ​​the expectations of his sponsor by asking this question when the work must be done and what are the objectives to be achieved? If the delegation is assigned to more than one person, the manager must clearly determine the responsibilities of each. The appointment of a team leader is also an excellent alternative. In order to avoid any problems that might arise during the execution of the tasks, it is strongly recommended to organize a briefing at the beginning of the project to answer any questions that may arise or to clarify some confusing points.


6. Trust the team, but check his work regularly

 A leader must trust his team. However, to guarantee the results of a delegation, it must set a deadline for the completion of a task to which it has been assigned. During the process, regular checks are necessary to ensure that it runs smoothly. It is recommended to set up a method of communication to learn about the progress of work and to ensure compliance with the deadline initially set. This tracking system can also quickly detect any deficiencies requiring corrections or adjustments.


7. Provide feedback and request feedback

At the end of the delegation, the entrepreneur must devote a moment to make a constructive feedback. He must use this opportunity to inform his employees whether they have done their job well, to identify possible errors and to define the corrections required for future missions. It is also an opportunity for the leader to know the opinions of his subordinates on how they feel about leading and delegating work. The entrepreneur must take advantage of these feedbacks to expand his knowledge of the delegation process in order to take action the next time he needs to assign certain tasks to his associates.


To conclude

To preserve his family and social life and to protect himself from a nervous breakdown due to a work overload, a company manager must think about delegating certain tasks to targeted employees. You now know the 7 essential rules to succeed in the art of delegation. With our advice, you are now able to appropriately assign certain tasks to certain members of your team in whom you must fully trust. This distribution of works will allow you to develop your activities while sparing your physical and mental fitness. To avoid stress and physical fatigue, consider delegating effectively. You now know how to get your employees involved in the success of your business and the success of your projects.

Entrepreneurship as a Franchisee: What to think about to make the right choice?

Every year, more than 4,000 entrepreneurs want to become franchisees, but the majority of them sometimes have trouble choosing the branch in which they will have to embark.

To find the right franchisor, but especially to make sure you make the right choice, here are some questions that it would be good to answer before starting as a franchisee.


Who to join?

For those who are already familiar with the principle of franchising, it is no longer necessary that it is a concept that binds the franchisor and the franchisee for 5 and sometimes even 10 years. Given the length of the relationship, it is therefore normal to ask at first, with what kind of company do you want to combine and collaborate. To avoid the misstep, it is necessary above all avoid to launch a franchise in a field which does not fascinate you. As the franchise is both a personal and professional project, in its realization, the entrepreneur will have to be able to combine business and passion. In the second point, you should also avoid joining a franchise network for the simple reason that the brand operates in the area that interests you. The most important thing is to combine, to represent a company or a brand that shares the same ambition and the same values ​​as you. This is important because as a franchise of a brand, you will represent the brand in your area, in your city. Thirdly, before choosing a franchise network, it is essential to ensure that the franchisor is motivated or has the qualities and skills required to support the franchisee in launching his franchise. This is important to guarantee the future of the new franchise.


What will the investment sum be for

Integration into a franchisee’s network is generally profitable, with some exceptions. Of course, having your own business by becoming a franchisee can be very exciting, but before you start, you also have to think about the financial side. Before paying the personal contribution or the entrance fee requested by the franchisor, it is always useful to determine what the requested amount will be used for. At least, we must try to see if the financial investment requested by the sign is proportional to the training or local coaching it offers. Normally, for this type of investment, the franchisor must be able to justify the use of the amount paid by the franchisee in the case where the latter asks for some explanations. As a new franchisee, each new entrepreneur is also entitled to ask questions such as: Do franchisees have the right to obtain legal aid when needed, or can they ask for the intervention of the accountant? society if necessary? In any case, what you need to know is that a franchisor who asks for a colossal sum as a right of entry may be doubtful, but it may also be the same if he asks for very little ‘money.


What does the franchisor’s DIP contain?

According to Doubin law, the franchisor must always provide the franchisee with all the information and documents necessary to launch a new franchise. Called pre-contractual information document or DIP, this file can be transmitted by a candidate for the franchise without it being subsequently obliged to sign the collaboration contract. The DIP will have to contain important elements like the organization of the franchise network, the members of the group, the result of the piloting phase of the project. The DIP should also contain local, regional or national market research depending on the scope of the project. Obviously, the franchisee will also have to notice the duration of reservation of the territory as well as all the most important points of the contract. If since the existence of the network, franchises have already gone bankrupt, this information will have to appear in the DIP. If no information on this subject is visible in the pre-contractual information document, in case of doubt, do not hesitate to ask questions.


What is the business plan of the franchise network?

After having a look at the DIP of the franchise, the franchisee can also ask questions about the business plan of the franchisor before signing the contract for collaboration. Already, you should know that the business plan is based primarily on the DIP. If the latter is not clear or is vague enough, it is likely that it will be the same for the business plan. We must therefore remain suspicious on this level. However, once you have the business plan in front of you, the first thing to do is to study the feasibility or otherwise of the project. For this, it is necessary to refer to the provisional document of the realization as well as to the planned amount for the realization of the project. If in doubt, the franchisee may well ask questions to the franchisor. It can for example ask on what elements the franchisor has rested for the design of his business plan. Depending on the information received, the new franchisee can then model his own business plan and adapt his forecasts according to his location, his market study and his personal goal.


Once you have all the cards and information in hand, before making the big jump, take stock of your personal motivation. Already, ask yourself if the information you just received about a franchisee you seem sufficient to allow you to get started as you wish. It is not uncommon that the opening of a franchise requires a move from the candidate to the franchisee. If this is your case, ask yourself if you are ready to move for the project. As a franchisee, you will manage your own team while staying connected to the franchisor’s STAFF. Before integrating a franchise network, make sure that this type of status is right for you. To summarize, here are some of the questions you need to answer before joining a franchise network. Are you ready to run your own business? What are your ambitions and the franchise that you have chosen can help you achieve it? Are there any sacrifices you must make to become a franchisee and if so, what are they? Finally, are you ready to do them, even if your franchise may not succeed as you imagined?



Customer relationship: the blog also plays an important role

There are different tools to track prospects closely. The blog is an effective tool that allows to better know the needs of the customers. 

Although it is used less than other communication tools, it remains essential to find new customers who use the Internet every day.


What are the roles of a blog?

A blog develops proximity and transparency with potential buyers. It helps to humanize the relationship between the salesperson and the prospect and helps to improve the quality of their relationship. Through the blog, the prospect can see clearly and accurately all information related to a product or service. He can react on the company’s blog. These words are usually moderated to avoid offensive or inappropriate terms.

On a blog, a commercial company makes its new customers aware of their new projects and encourages readers to give their opinions. By taking into account the comments of Internet users, it makes improvements to its products and services. Thanks to his sense of listening, communication via the blog, criticism and remarks, the commercial enterprise can assert its image with its customers. She must be grateful to prospects and the community of blog participants. Speaking of products and activities in a blog, a business is perceived to be closer to its partners.

The blog is a platform on which customers express themselves after buying a product or delivering a service. It can also be used to give usage tips on how to use it. This is to ensure a better satisfaction of the buyer. It is a space of exchange where the comments left by the Net surfers engage to a dialogue. B to C oriented blogs build an active community.


What interests to open a blog in marketing?

 A blog is a tool for fast and effective retention of the usual visitors (authors and readers). A business enterprise promotes interaction with its customers and thus develops their brand loyalty. She advertises her products and services on her blog and promotes them. As a result, this platform becomes a “place” that people will want to visit regularly to see other news and other news. As for forums, reading the blogs of a commercial enterprise generates a sense of belonging and values ​​prospects. This tool is also a way to generate traffic and attract more customers. At the same time, you gain the trust of visitors and get expert status.

In some countries, such as the United States, some trade show organizers advertise invitations to conferences or trade shows on blogs and speak on “post-trade” blogs. Sites specializing in the sale of personalized t-shirts have a blog highlighting photos of customers who wear their t-shirts purchased online.


How to motivate prospects to consult a blog?

A blog highlights the services and products offered by a commercial enterprise. It displays a novelty or promotion, in order to attract the attention of Internet users. On a blog, customers are always on the lookout for the latest news from a commercial enterprise. They follow the latest trends closely. Blogs also allow them to share opinions, ideas, testify to the quality of products and services through comments. There are many different types of blogs, but news blogs are primarily of interest to commercial enterprises as they provide more information about their articles.


For a better visibility

Opening a blog to promote its products and services increases visibility on Google and social networks. In a blog, the keywords relating to the activities of a commercial enterprise are numerous, guaranteeing a good search engine ranking. Through social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn or Google +, a commercial company will be able to publicize its activities and attract more customers. For B2B companies, 67% of them receive more leads by creating blogs. Similarly, they are 13 times more likely to get a positive return on investment.


Better prepare and manage your time

Creating a blog is certainly interesting, but you have to spend some time updating it and promoting new products or sales. Posting an article consistently (once a week and not a week and then 2 months) is recommended. If time is lacking, it would be better to use an outsourcing company that is dedicated solely to this type of work.

To interest users, it is necessary to address them immediately. One can get their attention by choosing a relevant title that gives visitors the urge to continue reading. It is also necessary to arouse their interest by asking questions. It is still recommended to talk about the basics, giving answers to their questions in clear, clear and precise terms. Terms that are too technical are thus to be avoided. By creating a blog, a business enterprise aims to present and promote its services and products. It can include some links without abusing it and fill the blog.


The blog, for whom?

The blog is not only intended for large commercial companies, it is also a powerful marketing tool for small businesses and SMEs. If the website aims to present activities, to allow visitors to interact (contact or direct purchase), the blog boosts online sales. It is the extension and the support of the commercial action. With this tool, a company demonstrates its expertise and communicates essential information to its customers in a timely manner. It allows to generate more sales, to reassure a prospect and to turn a visitor into a customer. A blog is a tool that aims to be followed by an audience. This one is interested by the novelties (interviews, videos, infographics, articles, etc.). To ensure the success of a blog, a company must keep a close eye on the visit of the last article and the development of consultations.

Succeed in the Art of Prospecting

Strategies for successful Business Prospecting.

Business development can be defined as the process in which sales and marketing teams work together to identify people who might be interested in the company’s offerings and turn them into customers. It is thus a step prior to the sale. But how to succeed? For this, it is necessary to follow these few tips.


Planning first

New technologies and existing social media offer a wealth of opportunities for success in the art of prospecting. There is, however, a setback to that. We will tend to scatter easily and postpone until tomorrow what can be done today. This requires a better organization of the prospecting by defining its “buyer personas”, by analyzing the reasons for the failure of certain commercial propositions, by establishing the steps to respect for each prospect, by identifying the elements to gather during the prospecting and considering scenarios for each media.


To know how to listen

 To succeed in the art of prospecting, it is also important to give yourself time to listen to your prospects. This is not just about talking to them over the phone, but you have to take a different approach, like listening to Social Media. Technology has made tools available to us to know the problems of our prospects without us having to converse directly with them. This allows us to adapt our offers to their behavior via the famous “trigger”.

Remember that the marketing trigger is a form of marketing based on the automatic triggering of actions based on the behavior of prospects or customers. Its adoption, it should be noted, also on an important element of the art of prospecting: humanization.


To know how to humanize one’s commercial prospection

Hard not to give in to the sirens of technology. Thanks to the Internet, we no longer have to spend more time and money to reach a large number of prospects. What drives us to forget an important detail: no one wants to deal with a robot. Moreover, who of us wants to give way to an artificial intelligence in 3 or 4 years? No one surely. However, without knowing it, we behave like robots when we do our surveys on the Internet, often doing this:

  • Looking for prospects who agree to too basic criteria on social networks
  • Invitation to join his network via an encrypted message
  • “Bombing” message

Admittedly, we are in the digital age, but as in any other field, abusing it can compromise the achievement of our objectives. Reason why, it is recommended to use the gifts of technology as tools of personalization of mass, not of social Fordism. Doing prospecting scripts is not forbidden, but there is also room for dialogue and human relations.


Know how to exploit new media

As we just said, there is no harm in using new media. Exploitation is necessary to successfully attract new customers, while respecting the conditions just mentioned of course. We must not dwell too much on spots where there is a good part of the competition. Facebook will, for example, be an ideal platform to succeed in the art of BtoB and BtoC prospecting. Indeed, like any human being, your prospects tend to go on this social network during their free time to find a solution to their problem. In addition to Linkedin, discussion forums or blogs related to your industry can also be found on the Internet. You will find a large number of prospects interested in your field.

The use of the new channels implies an adaptation to the media found there, citing only infographics, audio recordings and videos.


Prospecting is the art of bringing value

When prospecting, some people tend to talk directly about their products. The effectiveness rate of such an approach is however low. The reason ? In order to attract a customer, it is necessary to know how one can solve his problems. It is therefore important to ask him some questions, but not in a direct way. It takes time to analyze the behavior of the prospect and determine how it can be helped in the very short term. After that, it’s easier to give him free advice so that he knows you’re an expert in the field. This is called “bringing value”.


Do not neglect content

Being present online and on all social networks is not enough anymore. We must also offer content to prospects. All the companies present online draw a good part of their new customers from their blog. The latter will not be visible without relevant content and quality corresponding to the real needs of your target. These will also allow you to have more credibility with her.


Being ubiquitous

Finally, to find success in the art of prospecting, do not be content with one or two points of contact. The best is to be present everywhere. Although experts agree that Twitter and LinkedIn are the most effective social networks, this should not prevent a presence on Facebook, Google+, Instagram, among others. Traditional channels, such as telephone, e-mail and, of course, word of mouth, should not be abandoned. However, it must be ensured that the presence on several channels does not amount to harassment. Even if the goal is to convert as many people as possible, talking about each time its products and / or services may be at the source of a weariness of the prospects. The important thing is to be present in the conversations and to provide adapted answers.

Choosing between one-man business and structure

Do you plan to go into business alone and wonder what is the right kind of business for you: a one-person business or a business? 

This article provides insights into the advantages and disadvantages of each statute at the administrative, legal, financial and social levels. After reading, you will be sufficiently informed to direct your choice to the formula that best fits your business creation project.


At the administrative level

One-person business : This status has many advantages in this area. All you need to do is submit a simple declaration of activity to the CFE (Center for Corporate Formalities) when it is created. As a result, the auto entrepreneur is assigned a SIREN number. After the launch of the project, the steps are easy. The declarant is not obliged to provide a balance sheet or an income statement. The administration requires only the keeping of a cookbook and the supporting documents relating thereto.

Structure EURL, SAS, SASU or SARL : these structures being considered as companies, their creation requires more complex formalities. They need a registration with the RCS (Register of Commerce and Companies), write statutes and deposit their capital in a dedicated organization. At the end of these different steps, they obtain an APE code, an SIRET number and an intra-community VAT number. The choice of an SASU requires the contractor to maintain standards accounting including the establishment of an annual income statement and a balance sheet.

The status of one-person company allows its founder to benefit from a great simplicity on the administrative level, which gives him the opportunity to launch quickly his activity. However, a structure gives you the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of a legal tool if the contractor plans a long-term business development. It offers the possibility to associate.


On the legal side

Sole proprietorship : the company’s heritage is confused with that of the entrepreneur. He becomes indefinitely and personally liable for the debts of his company. As his personal property is engaged, he runs a real financial risk and could lose all his wealth in the business. To preserve the patrimony of your spouse, a separation of patrimony is strongly recommended. However, a device was put in place during the previous decade to protect the main residence of a single-person entrepreneur against the actions of the creditors of his company. The procedure to be carried out consists of publishing a notarial act of unseizability in the custody of mortgages and mentioning this act in the trade register or in the commercial register.

EURL structure: this form of enterprise allows its manager to benefit from a legal status which limits his personal liability to the amount of his contributions. His personal wealth is distinct from his professional heritage.


On the financial plan

One-man business : the declaration of activity costs nothing. Regarding VAT, the entrepreneur can not apply this tax and can not recover it. This prerogative offers him the opportunity to charge more affordable rates, but his purchases are more expensive. This status is recommended for entrepreneurs carrying out an activity that requires little additional investment.

With respect to the tax system, the entrepreneur has the choice between income taxation, the microsocial with levy withholding scheme or the micro-enterprise with progressive scale. The option is guided by the nature of the activity and the corresponding tax rate. Regardless of the plan, the entrepreneur must make an annual declaration of turnover that must not exceed a certain legally prescribed threshold.

EURL or SASU structure : the entrepreneur is obliged to hold a freely determined capital stock and to make a deposit of statutes. The declaration can be quite expensive, but it can enhance the credibility of the contractor to his interlocutors. Bookkeeping can also be expensive if it is not done by the contractor himself.

Fiscally, an SASU or a EURL is taxed on profits, whether the company is subject to the income tax system or the corporate tax system. As a result, the expenses can be deducted on the tax base, which represents an advantage in case the activity requires ancillary investments. This status is recommended if the activity requires large external purchases.


On the social plan

One-person business : it is subject to the simplified micro-social regime which displays a main advantage: flexibility. The entrepreneur is under the regime of the self-employed in case of illness and retirement, he is affiliated to the regime of commercial and industrial professions. The choice depends on the potential income of the business creator and the activity, especially at the time level.

It is not affiliated to the general social security scheme and can only benefit from less comprehensive benefits than those provided by this body.

SASU and EURL : the status of SASU does not imply remuneration for the contractor. This one does not benefit from a social cover, which could give rise to problems in the event of a hazard. If the entrepreneur chooses the EURL structure, he pays contributions on the totality of his professional income. The amount of the stubs can be very high in some cases.


In conclusion

The one-person company represents the ideal status for an activity that does not require a significant investment and is only intended to be carried out on an ad hoc basis. This option gives you the opportunity to quickly launch your project, without cost or administrative constraints. In the same way, you can put an end to your activity at any time without any difficulty.

The creation of a EURL or SASU structure is advisable if you want a fast development of your activities and plan an additional investment in the medium term. Of course, setting up such a company is more expensive than a single-person company, but it entitles you to an opportunity to partner with third parties. This choice gives you the benefit of better legal protection and greater credibility with partners and customers. In addition, your responsibility is committed only up to your contributions.

Where to start your business?

The choice of the place of installation is of paramount importance especially when starting a business. 


There are many criteria that must be considered when targeting the ideal location, such as the nature of the activity, the financial capacity of the entrepreneur, the possibility of moving to a larger local in the medium term, the ability to reception of employees and customers. Where to start your business? This page is a retrospective on the various solutions available and informs on the concepts to be taken into account to guide its choice.


Start your own business at home

Many business creators in the service delivery industry choose to set up their home-based business. This is the simplest solution since it considerably reduces the investment envelope for launching the activity. This formula offers several advantages. He spares tedious research from a professional office, pays travel expenses to get to his place of work, avoids paying rent.

The exercise of professional activity at home may require authorization from the town hall, the owner if the contractor is a tenant and co-owners if necessary. When considering hiring employees, the housing must comply with current standards in terms of health and safety. Depending on the size of the municipality where the home is located, other rules may apply. To be informed, it is advisable to contact the local administration.

The choice to move to the home could hardly adapt to the business activity if it should accommodate the public.


Start your business in an incubator (a nursery)

An incubator or nursery is a structure intended to welcome, support and support the activities of companies in the process of being created or newly founded, for a fixed period. The incubation period varies between 6 and 24 months depending on the nursery.

Thanks to this type of structure, the young company can benefit from low-rent premises in addition to various services provided by the incubator, such as equipment, advice, financial support, etc.

This solution also allows the entrepreneur to build relationships and exchange with other incubated companies. However, places are limited, especially for spaces with an area of ​​less than 30m².


The choice of a coworking space

Renting a coworking space is usually more affordable than an incubator. The company occupies, indeed, a reduced space and it pays in principle to the post occupied.

This solution is acclaimed by many startups because it allows them to evolve in a workplace equipped for a consistent price.

In most cases, a coworking space provides entrepreneurs with workstations made up of open-plan offices. However, renting an entire office can be considered.

Flexibility is the main asset of such a space. This choice offers the possibility of increasing the size of the rented space in parallel with the development of the company. However, the use of certain spaces is sometimes limited. The company must respect the quota of hours allocated to it per week.

A coworking space provides other benefits. As the entrepreneur has the opportunity to interact with a multitude of other professionals in the space, he has the opportunity to grow his professional network. This space also allows it to accommodate customers, but the rental of a meeting room is often unavoidable. This generates an additional cost in the budget.


The installation in business center

This solution can be an alternative to renting offices. A business center allows the entrepreneur to settle in furnished offices and enjoy a range of services, such as an Internet connection, a meeting room, a secretariat, etc. Implantation costs are thus considerably reduced.

This type of room has two essential advantages. Thanks to its layout, it adapts perfectly to welcoming visitors and reflects the professionalism of the company, a guarantee of seriousness vis-à-vis its partners and customers. It is also a flexible solution. The contractor can easily plan an expansion of the office if needed or terminate the lease at any time. On the other hand, this option involves the regular payment of a fairly high rent.


Rental of offices or commercial premises

This option is necessary for a company that plans to receive the public and is essential for a commercial activity. The renting of a professional premises allows to have an adequate surface to welcome the visitors and to value the image of mark.

The choice of premises requires taking into account certain criteria. In the margin of a sufficient space, the local must enjoy a good service and a good location (quality of the street, attendance, accessibility). The rental charge should not be too high compared to the financial capacity of the company. It is advisable to inquire about the use of the room before making the choice. A possible transformation of its destination could require prior authorization from the municipality.

This solution subjects the company to regulations on professional, commercial or mixed leases, depending on the nature of its activity. However, renting offices or commercial premises provides the guarantee of stability, the commercial lease providing good protection to the contractor. In case of moving, the company must comply with the procedure mentioned in the lease.


Building your business by subletting offices

This option limits start-up costs because it consists of renting offices in a third-party company. However, it is advisable to pay attention to the terms of the lease and the legal conditions relating to the installation. The sublease can last as long as both parties wish. The extension may even be possible if the host has other free premises.


In conclusion

At home, in an incubator, in a coworking space, in a business center, in a professional office or in a sublet, you have the choice between several solutions to start your business. You know the advantages and disadvantages of each formula. Thanks to this article, you have all the necessary information to guide you on the installation that corresponds to the activity you plan to perform. Good success in your business!

E-marketing: on which tool to base for a higher conversion rate?

To have a better conversion rate, you must choose the source of traffic. But how to choose the most suitable tool?


Here are some solutions to this question:


What are the reliable sources?

There are several sources for having a better conversion rate. E-mailing is ranked first because it contributes 56.8% of the traffic. Next come direct traffic (17.9%), organic search (10.3%), social media (4.3%) and display (1.7%). The best rate recorded comes from e-mail (67.37%) followed by direct traffic (23.68%). Paid traffic sources, display and searchengine marketing bring only 1%. The conversion rate is the percentage of Internet users who have made a specific action and thus contributed to the achievement of the company’s goal. For example, the percentage of readers who sign up for an event, subscribe to a newsletter or fill out a contact form.

Internet users are the sources of traffic that offers a better conversion rate. In addition, the free techniques are more interesting than the ones that are paying. In short, e-mailing is the most efficient in terms of traffic source or conversion rate. The ideal would be to establish a mailing list of traffic sources.


Tips for having a better conversion rate

Set up a chat on the blog. Ask customers to send you a message for you to call back. This is to internalize the technical support in order to professionalize or outsource it. All this in order to improve the image of the company and customer satisfaction for all requests and questions from prospects. The presence of a button “click to call” also allows customers to be recalled by a company. Conversational agents are, moreover, a solution to obtain a better conversion rate. They are available to customers 24 hours a day. These agents inform them with pre-recorded responses. A person is however available for complex requests.


Steps to take to have the conversion rates

Google Analytics makes it possible to know precisely the intermediate conversion rates. It identifies steps and blocking points that slow down visitors and negatively impact the overall conversion rate. There are 3 steps and more on Google Analytics where each one is defined by a URL. If there is no change of URL between two steps, the company can put pages of virtual views.

The loading time of a page of an e-commerce site has a more or less significant impact on the conversion rate. Ideally, you should use performance measurement tools that indicate areas for improvement and loading speed. The e-commerce site must reduce the weight of images and videos, choose a hosting adapted to its traffic, remove unnecessary extensions or plugins, choose a light theme, set up a CDN, use a cache plugin and compress the files. Java and CSS files.

A short purchase tunnel is more attractive for consumers to quickly reach payment while shortening the path to the goal achievement pages. That said, a customer does not have to have an account to finalize their purchase. If the user decides to open an account, avoid asking too much information. Ask the essential, namely the name, first name, address, email and bank details. The customer would like to quickly access the different products. Also an e-commerce site ensures that navigation is fluid by organizing the categories and subcategories with a breadcrumb and an internal search engine.

The “call to action” buttons are very important on a showcase site. They must be highlighted on all pages. To do this, you have to consider its position at the top of the page, the color and the form as well as the wording. This button needs attention and differs from other content. Mention “create my account” or “I download” instead of requiring “download” or remain neutral “next”. It is also better to avoid the verbs “pay, buy, subscribe or order”.

To move a registration block to the newsletter, it is essential to use the technique of qualitative A / B Testing. It offers two different versions for the same page (according to a specific criterion such as the position of the banner or the feature). Customers will be on version A and others on version B. After analysis, the e-commerce site will know which version offers the best conversion rate. The best would be to perform the test on the most important pages of a site (landing pages).

Before an Internet user makes his purchase on an e-commerce site, he needs a guarantee and to be reassured. To be successful, a site must be professional, both stylish and stylish. It must have a FAQ, dense and qualitative corporates, institutional pages, images of employees and locals. The site must accompany the customer during its purchase via the livechat and highlight the means of contact (mail, fax, phone, form, etc.). It must offer a guarantee on payment and delivery (in the form of a pictogram or badge). It must also respect the confidentiality of consumer data (certifications, mandatory information, etc.).

Integrating a customer notice module is necessary. In fact, client-reviews also give credibility to a site and constitute a reassurance factor. It is by reading his opinion that the majority of readers place their orders. His opinions are visible on all the pages and on the product sheets. Even if they are negative opinions, this allows an e-commerce site to improve its services and get closer to its customers to better meet their requirements.

To improve the conversion rate, an e-commerce site highlights commercial promotions, benefits (free of certain services, money back, free delivery, etc.) and offers limited in time (private sales).

How to Attract Ideal Customers? – My Top 6 Tips

 6 Tips to attract your best customers to yourself.

At some point, we all dream of attracting good people to ourselves. As if we had nothing to do and things happened miraculously. It’s possible, it takes a lot of work and is not miraculous.


Take the phone.

Fall on the secretary.

Take a rake because “your contact is in a meeting, what is it for? “.

Send an email. No return.

Go to a networking party. Do not meet anyone

To have the impression of turning in circles.

Without finding new customers.

I continue or does this story tell you something?

“Do not stop please, I understand …”


Because yes, the true truth is that prospecting is not (at all) an easy task.

There are two particularly complex things with this mission: rigor and patience .

1) You have a lot of things to do to get in touch with the right person. And

2) you must ALSO be patient to be present at the right time .

And if you’re like me (but I’m caring for you), then you’re comparing yourself to the bigger ones.

And how are they doing to have so many customers?

Answer: they have a monstrous strike force compared to you .

You can not fight on their ground.

So what can you do?

The answer is simple.

You can attract your ideal customers to you.

Imagine a little:

Someone is calling you.

“Hello, I know you are the right person for my problem. Can you tell me more about your benefits? “

Is not this a dream situation?

Having experienced it a few days ago, I can tell you that it is rather comfortable.

As I know you like to be comfortable, here are six concrete tips to attract your ideal customers .

But before that, you have three important jobs to do:

1 / Know who your IDEAL CLIENTS are .

I invite you to read my article on this topic, right here .

2 / Make sure your products and services are always the best .

If you are not convinced to offer the best of yourself as I speak, then there is no point in trying to sell.

This does not mean waiting for your product to be “perfect” or “perfect”. No. But if today you look in the mirror, you must be able to say, without lying to yourself: “I give my best to satisfy my customers, and to fulfill the promises that I make them”.

Having this state of mind will be a BASIC brick in the success of your business development.

3 / Have a clear and readable offer , with a good job range.

When you need to present your benefits or products, build categories (“range”) with a product / service call that has three characteristics:

  1. it’s a first prize
  2. its functionality is extremely clear
  3. this feature is the same for all products / services in the range

I’ll come back to this later in a new article, but if you’re wondering about building your offer, let’s make an appointment .

Now that you have these important points in mind, let’s get right to the point.


Tip # 1: Make yourself attractive, desirable


Have you ever felt attracted to a person in a large crowd?

Remember this feeling of mystery , of wanting to know more. The beating of your heart is accelerating, your eyes are frozen.

You only think about that person.

And there, your eyes meet. A big shiver runs through your body. You feel your skin bristle. Your feelings are so strong that you look away.

What is happening at this moment?

This person pleases you, from an aesthetic point of view .

The look, the hairstyle, the body … And you project with her / him , for a moment.

That’s why you’re embarrassed when your eyes meet. Because the imaginary is taken up by reality.

So this attraction is triggered primarily by an aesthetic beauty that pleases you and attracts you.

This is closely related to your tastes, your culture, your education. A whole mishmash of settings that make you particularly like watching this person, at this given moment.

What about you and your business?

The idea is the same: try to please your ideal customers . And only to them.

Do not even try to please everyone.

Even a show has borne this name …

Make sure that your aesthetic, your image, your supports please those you want to touch .

The right question to ask is:

How do I want my ideal clients to perceive me?

And to answer it, it is necessary to ask another question before:

What would make my ideal clients want to work with me?

I give you an example.

Take a plumber (why would it be men who would do the plumbing?). Let’s call her Emilie.


Hello Emilie.

Who are his ideal clients?

Imagine that Emilie wants to work mainly on high-end projects, with beautiful products and a concern for finishing. Because she loves these challenges.

In addition, Emilie has a nose: she says that these projects will be more profitable to develop his business.

His customers are surely well-off individuals, loving the modern and unique pieces.

What would make her ideal clients want to work with her?

If it shows a very high-end image, the care of its customers, with a modern and deco vision of plumbing.

How does she want her ideal clients to perceive her?

As a unique company, working only with prestigious clients on exceptional projects. Even: she would have the reputation of “choosing” her customers. There is a waiting list! Fortiche Emilie …

In terms of aesthetics, it would surely mean that it needs a premium site, colors reminiscent of luxury homes, etc.


Brand identity is not my job, and I will not go further.

But it’s important that you understand that your IMAGE is important to attract the right people .

This is not a gadget, it is your main asset to make you VISIBLE .

Tip # 2: Always look for the “little extra”


I will tell you a story that marked me.

We have an appointment in a village not far from Lille to eat in a tavern (local restaurants #carbonadeflamande #frites #biere #bieredeuxfois).

We meet family and friends for a meal that looks great. And the same goes for the restaurateur: after all, we are a table of 20, the addition should be nice in the end.

The service must be fast: you imagine, we are not the only ones in the restaurant.

Yet, when making our choice, my wife and I still hesitate between two dishes. Everything looks so good …

How to do ?

The waitress then offers us something: she will make us a plate with both dishes in one.

Like that, we do not need to think anymore.

Nice as attention!

For her and her kitchen crews, it does not change much, except during training.

But as it is casual and it concerns a large table, this small gesture will not be a loss for the restaurant.

We were “surprised” by this beautiful attention , which shows a great “interest” for us . In addition, the situation was released so simply that we were “happy”.

And it’s great.

You can imagine that we talked about it around us. And that we have not failed to tell this little story.

To explain in more detail how to do, I allow myself to resume the scheme of the magical customer experience of Laurent Beretta .

As a customer, we appreciate the experiences that make us go through these three emotions:

  • The surprise : you expect things to happen in a certain way. And in fact, the workflow is turned upside down or an additional element appears. Your eyes become the eyes of a child for a moment.
  • Interest : You can imagine being just one number among many others. When in fact, you are treated as a unique being , with his own desires and problems.
  • Joy : you always imagine that things will get complicated at some point. After all, it’s human. But there is no: everything goes smoothly and quietly.

By seeking to create these emotions in your customers, you will trigger this feeling of “little more” .

It does not cost you anything (or very little), but brings ENORMOUS value to your customers .

What is the link with the attraction?

Two things :

1 / the fact that there has been this “little more” will make your customers want to talk about you : it is a facilitator of word-of-mouth.

2 / when your customers will talk about you around them, they will discuss this “little more”. You will already position yourself in a unique way in the spirit of the people to whom you will be recommended.

It is this element that will make you even more “desirable” , so you will attract even more customers.

Tip # 3: Tell Your Story


Our brain understands ideas better when they are embedded in stories.

If you’ve known Father Castor, you know what I’m talking about …

In the words of Jérôme Bruner, “telling stories is a bridge between what is established and what is possible . “

How will it help you attract your future customers?

For three basic reasons:

1 / To differentiate yourself

First, it is a strong and powerful way to differentiate yourself from all the competition that may exist. Indeed, your story is unique and your prospects will perceive it as such. You will leave the lot.

2 / To value you

Second, you make your prospects even more accessible to the results they can expect from working with you.

An example will be more telling:

When I talk about my story, I tell my first coaching adventure with Amandine, an interior decorator in Lille. While I was looking for an entrepreneurial mission, she needed help to restart her business.

She still had clients, but could not fully live on her business as she dreamed.

So we worked together for four months, intense, from September. We reviewed its marketing and sales strategy, its action plans, its organization, its processes, its sales techniques …

It was my “whiplash” to launch Destination Clients since in March it had realized more than its turnover of all the previous year. And in June, she offered me a gift to thank me: she had realized in six months the turnover of his best of the last eight years.

Do you see the schmilblick?

I do not need to tell you that my services will allow you to double or triple your turnover: in one example, you realize the expectations you can expect.

Pro Tip:

When you tell your story, you are not the hero or the heroine. No no no.

Your CUSTOMERS are the heroes of your story . You are the sidekick of these heroes.

In other words, you are Alfred, they are Batman. You are Jolly Jumper, they are Lucky Luke.


You are here to HELP the hero in his own QUEST .

3 / To establish an audience

Thirdly, it allows you to create a HEARING, which will be much stronger than a simple prospect file.

Indeed, it will be attached to you , will want to follow you, and share what you say.

It is this network effect that will allow you to attract the right people.

Tip # 4: Work Visibility Strategically


You are not likely to attract big people if you are not visible.

You may be the best hotel in the world, if you do not show up, at no time: no one will rent you a room.

Now, when I say “to be visible”, I mean “to be visible strategically” .

The goal is not to be visible like that …

Spending thousands of euros in Adwords ads, flyers or in the press will do you no good if it does not serve a more global strategy.

How to define this global strategy?

It comes down to 4 points:

1 / who am I trying to touch?

These are your ideal clients.

If you do not know who they are, then this guide will help you define them.

But they can also be influencers, potential partners or network heads.

2 / how do they consume information and learn about it?

The idea is to find their general sources of information in the context of their activity.

This is extremely dependent on each sector and craft, so it’s up to you to find out.

How to find these sources?

  • Ask the principals directly: “Hello, what specialized press do you read? “
  • Type in Google: “blog + [business or industry]”, “forum + [business or industry]”, “journal + [business or industry]”, “site + [business or sector] of activity]
  • Follow some influential industry people on LinkedIn and Twitter. Then analyze the sources of the articles they share.

3 / who do they already trust?

This question is fundamental to allow you 1) to get closer to the right people to “capture” some of this trust ( read the following article to contact the right person ) and 2) to take back the “codes of trust” that these people.

Trust codes?

By this I mean to understand which symbols, references or personalities your ideal customers trust.

For example: a restaurant owner will trust the great chefs. Join one of them with their dress and word codes to get more confidence from your target.

4 / What message do I want to send? how will they perceive it? how should I transmit it?

Communication always faces four filters: what you mean, what you say, what your recipient hears and what they want to hear .

Ask questions about the future perception of your messages in advance to know how to say things.

It is not my job to turn these questions into communication support. It may not be yours either.

But it’s your job to ask yourself these questions .

Thus, by reflecting on this global strategy, this will allow you to work on your visibility on:

  • The right supports,
  • Good messages,
  • The good channels,
  • The right targets.

And all, in fact, at lower cost and with better profitability.

She is not beautiful, life?


Tip # 5: Bring value for free

Let’s go back to the definition of value.

The value of a thing can be defined for us as being what allows us to:

  • accomplish or facilitate a task
  • inspire motivation or vision
  • become aware of needs and solutions
  • unlock situations
  • reassure yourself
  • have confidence in your potential
  • satisfy a need

Your advice, your expertise, your humanity, etc. are all factors that deliver value. In other words, it’s not just your products and services that do it. You are a provider of value: you give it.


How will this attract your customers?

By giving value for free, you greatly promote word-of-mouth .

And your customers will be open to receiving free advice and expert advice . They will more easily listen to what you have to say … Malynx the lynx!

I give myself as an example:

I take time to deliver advice through my articles, my lives, my publications on social networks … these are all elements that I could pay.

But it allows me to give you BEFORE you receive. Having this approach allows me to attract new people to my audience because this accessible content is already a great help.

And some of them will ask me how I can help them go faster.

And then it will be time to offer them my paid services. But in a second time.

What limit should you set between free and paid?

Choose the supports that allow you to give general value. This will be for example blogs, content on social networks, conferences, workshops …

On general media, do not set any limits.

In exchange for the value you bring, ask them to leave you their contact details (email and / or phone).

This will allow you after strokes to “reach out” to them more specifically .

For the specific, give a little by proposing the pay to go further.

Let me explain: Imagine Maurice. He is a lawyer in business law.

Maurice gives a free lecture on a specific subject = general value . He gives as much information as he can give in one hour.

Then at the end, he offers a discovery session, free, for those who have a specific hot topic that they would like to solve quickly = specific value .

It is during this session that he will propose a suitable solution that will pay off. Since he has given so much good advice, his prospect will have a real desire to go further with him.

Tip # 6: Improve your referral process


The recommendation will be your main vector of attraction. Make it extremely simple.

For this, I have several tips to give you:

1 / Facilitate the identification of the right people to convey the message

Do not say “talk about it around yourself”.

On the contrary, be more precise . Say “talk to your parents”, “Talk to your entrepreneur friends”.

Also, make it easier to identify problems that you can solve .

“If one of your loved ones [situation or problem], tell him about me for [such reason]”

2 / Have a short pitch and precise to present your activity and what differentiates you.

For this, I invite you to read the article I wrote on this topic on Webmarketing & Com

3 / Solicit regular actions from your clients, audience or partners.

We like to have clear and precise instructions.

For example, I will ask you to share this article on social networks if you liked the content .

This action is simple for you, but can serve me a lot.

4 / Ask for help from people you have helped

We tend not to want help asking not to appear too weak.

If you go beyond this bias, then you will operate a strong persuasive principle called reciprocity .

It’s about giving to ask in exchange .

We human beings do not like to be “beholden” .

When you receive a gift, you are embarrassed because you have not made such a gesture in return.

It’s the same thing when you help someone: ask for help in return .

Why not recommend to someone you would like to touch?


Now, it’s your turn to play.


In short, attracting your best customers is above all a question of being the best in your market / sector / profession.

In any case, to be in a process of both intention (“I WANT to be the best”) and action (“I do what I can to be the best”).

It is not so much a question of arriving first, but of always trying to surpass oneself to better serve your customers .

And this is an approach that will generate confidence, visibility, recommendation …

If you simply “serve”, not “serve better” , without necessarily comparing yourself, then you will never do the “little more” that will make your business inimitable and attractive.

In addition, set up processes to facilitate word of mouth and recommendation.

Because if your customers love you, do they have the right tools to talk to you about the right people?

And finally, all these actions will only make sense if your positioning strategy is clear and powerful .

Because of this positioning will flow a whole communication aligned with your actions : this coherence will facilitate your visibility, and the attraction of your best customers.

The retail trends of 2017

If the delivery of products in 1 hour and personalized offers were part of retail trends 2016, for the year 2017, the situation is reversed. 

This year, physical sales tend to earn points and to highlight their products, a large number of brands rely on showrooming. This is just a preview, but immediately, discover the retail trends of 2017.


1-Place to physical sales outlets

As always, in the commerce sector, customer service is one of the key elements that make the company’s reputation. In 2016, in order to better meet the needs and expectations of barges, retail chains have relied heavily on offline and online service. Today, these aspects of the customer relationship have been retained, but in addition, to improve their relationship with barges, brands and companies are moving towards the establishment of a physical network. Contrary to some ideas, physical outlets will not disappear anytime soon. Certainly, in case of problems, customers appreciate getting advice and help online. However, to ensure better service, especially when the intervention of a commercial or a technician is necessary, the signs rely on the establishment of physical stores. Today, big brands are starting to open small shops in big and small cities. For each of them, the objective is to associate the online and offline service with the physical service. Today, depending on their branch of activity, some stores open collection points and order points that are used to make and / or receive purchases. Depending on the brand and the service offered, some of them even offer outlets open 7 days a week and 24 hours a day.


2- Place to the demos in store

If three or four years ago, brands with only physical stores feared the influence of online commerce on buyers, today is no longer the case. On the contrary, today, brands that have used to present their products via showrooming have a certain lead over the brands that sell online. However, one thing has changed, currently physical stores are no longer used to directly sell products, machinery or equipment designed by brands, they are now used as a place for product demonstrations. For this, the concept is simple. When a customer arrives for example in a shoe store, he can observe, then try the basket that pleases him. Better yet, he can try it on a treadmill or other sports equipment for the barge to test his performance. In the event that the article pleases him, he may subsequently order it on the brand’s website or on another online sales site of his choice. This is for example the case with the brand Decathlon which currently has a store – showroom in Englos. Arranged on a space of 1200m ², on the spot, barges can admire and test more than 22 500 products. However, the store does not have stock. Customers will not be able to buy locally. On the other hand, if they are interested in one or more articles, they can go directly to the Decathlon website to place their orders or to refer directly to the digital terminals that are present throughout the showroom.


3- Place to the sale of experiences

If in 2016, consumers are looking to buy a product to be able to live each time a new experience, this trend is still relevant for the year 2017. This year, to capture the attention of barges, brands and creators of products must work their creative senses in order to be able to offer the barges exciting experiences in every aspect of their lives. To stand out from the competition, today’s brands must do more than present their products on organized shelves. Proof of this, at Adidas, to reach and try on the shoes on the shelves, customers must first jump using a trampoline. To make children happy, Toys R Us meanwhile did not hesitate to invite customers to participate in a construction workshop of Legos when they come to buy or look for toys in the store.


4- Place to fast service for more customer satisfaction

In the world of commerce, competition is tough and all means are good to make a maximum profit, but especially to attract as many customers as possible. For that, a large number of brands will even spend a small fortune to surprise their customers. This is actually what Saturn, the brand of home appliances and multimedia. In the stores of the brand, customers are now received by “PAUL”. It is a robot and it has been programmed to talk and guide the customers who arrive in store. With this guy, customers will find more quickly the products they want to buy. It is the same with Zipporah. To better serve its customers, the brand has set up a chatbot. This technology allows the brand’s customers to make an appointment with a beauty expert. For fashion lovers, brands Ralph Lauren and Rebecca Minkoff have paid a high price to offer their customers smart mirrors, especially installed in fitting rooms. This device has the role of suggesting clothing models to customers and that according to what they are looking for and their sizes. The technology then sends these links to the client’s smartphone. The latter will be able to visit these links when he wishes to buy articles online. In addition to the use of robotics and new technology, to ensure fast and efficient service, the brands of the moment rely heavily on the delivery of home products. The other alternative is also the recovery of purchases made in a relay point or in a drive no later than 3 hours after sending the order online.


5-room for inventory optimization

Optimizing inventory in stores is one of the retail trends in 2017. Today, retailers aim to minimize their storage costs. At the same time, they make sure to reduce the rate of decluttering in stores. For example, since the beginning of 2017 and even a few months ago, retailers such as Ross, Nordstrom and Home Depot have made the most of their inventory. For other brands, to achieve this same purpose, they make sure to offer only a few articles online.