The development of a company is essentially based on the performance of the employees who constitute its driving forces.

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This article brings 5 ‚Äč‚Äčmanagement tips to improve the efficiency of human resources to accelerate the return on investment and increase the productivity of such an organization.


1. Create workspaces conducive to innovation and creativity

The work environment has a significant impact on the motivation and creativity of teams, especially when the company is growing. However, many entrepreneurs neglect the work environment. Yet, it is often enough to reconfigure the workspace to boost employee performance.

The objective is to arrange the premises so that the teams adopt the behavior expected by management. The contractor must adhere to the appropriate methodology for arranging offices to create the type of behavior expected of employees. Here is a simple matrix to help the company create workspaces based on the expected results.

  • Small salons with or without an office: for an agency that has to do daily “brainstorming” in groups.
  • An open space allowing employees to change their workstation every day: for a company that wants every employee to be able to do the work of a counterpart in order to better innovate.
  • Nominative offices, closed and arranged so as to avoid any distraction: for expert staff needing a high concentration during working hours.
  • An open space dedicated to a team: to foster trust and exchange in order to strengthen links between team members.


2. Ensure the development of employees

Development is a key factor in employee motivation. Numerous studies have shown that well-rounded employees make a big contribution to taking off a business. Their overall performance is 16% higher than employees who are content to be productive. The burnout rate is 125% lower than the others. Their percentage of engagement in the company is 32% higher than their counterparts less fulfilled and their satisfaction rate in their work is 46% more than the others.

These statistics reveal the importance of team development and well-being. Any entrepreneur wishing to benefit from the full value of each employee must therefore be concerned. Here are some steps that can be taken in this direction:

  • Form a team responsible for ensuring the fulfillment of workers (a works council for example) and provide it with the necessary resources (installation of a training center, periodic organizations of corporate events, gift certificates, etc.). ).
  • Do not neglect the personal lives of employees and improve working conditions: flexibility of schedules, lunches offered, etc.
  • Put in place safety levers: life insurance, health insurance, retirement plan, etc.
  • Perform managerial procedures by facilitating, for example, human resources bridges between the different trades offered by the company.


3. Adapt tasks according to each employee’s strengths

This tip is the secret of successful management so that teams consistently achieve the goals. It is a matter of regularly adjusting the missions and roles of each employee in order to optimize their strengths, aspirations and interests. To promote the rapid development of each individual, the company must pay particular attention to each worker’s learning mode in order to provide tailor-made coaching.

Seek to identify the strengths of each collaborator by asking them a relevant question to know precisely the activities that they particularly appreciate, that stimulate their motivation and their development. From there, try to discern its specificities in order to assign tasks to him where he can express his strengths and is not likely to be too handicapped by his weaknesses.

Often, it is not possible to adjust missions that exclusively solicit the forces of an employee. To optimize its potential, it is necessary to move towards the learning style adapted to each one in order to favor its progression. The company has the choice between 3 methods:

  • Role-plays or a lecture
  • Delegation of tasks by increasing the difficulty level
  • The use of an expert tutor in the activity in which the worker must progress.


4. Promote learning

The company must make arrangements to ensure that its employees are in tune with the evolution of technology and professional practices.

With the exponential development of new technologies, an employee can no longer pursue a career with a simple degree. Throughout his career, he must continue to learn. He must be trained in the latest technical innovations, be interested in all the trends in his field of activity. The company must then adopt the necessary measures to promote learning:

  • By giving each employee the opportunity to show initiative and to notice their own mistakes,
  • By giving time for training and coaching
  • By offering a reward to everyone who shares their experience.


5. Grant decision-making power to employees

Teams must be empowered so that they have the opportunity to flourish. Feeling that the company trusts them by letting them make decisions gives them a renewed dynamism that is reflected in their work. By giving them decision-making power, the company empowers them and gives them a sense of control. In addition, by making their own decisions, teams accelerate their learning.

A team may make a bad decision. The company must not take away its decision-making power on the grounds that it was wrong once. On the contrary, the team will learn from this error and come out of it more. She will then be able to share her experience with other teams to promote the development of the company.



Thanks to this article, you now know 5 tips to improve the performance of your teams. These tips are comprehensive, but they can inspire you to apply other methods to motivate your employees and get them on track for personal and business development.