5 Tips to improve the performance of its employees

25 Sep

The development of a company is essentially based on the performance of the employees who constitute its driving forces. This article brings 5 ‚Äč‚Äčmanagement tips to improve the efficiency of human resources to accelerate the return on investment and increase the productivity of such an organization.   1. Create workspaces … Read More »

Know how to evaluate its commercial efficiency

21 Sep

To evaluate its commercial performance, several questions about the choice of indicators have to be answered. In principle, a salesperson must argue and know how to talk with his prospects to convince them. But some of them complain about the lack of time especially in front of indecisive people. Lighting. … Read More »

Finding Success in B2B Prospecting

18 Sep

To develop its turnover and ensure its growth, a company working in the BtoB sales sector must succeed in its commercial prospection. To ensure the success of its efforts, it must master certain skills, use appropriate tools and have competent resources. How to find success in B2B prospecting? This article … Read More »

Choosing the right business model is also important

15 Sep

For the presentation of a businessplan, it is essential to choose the business model that will make money.  The choice of the adapted model depends on the activities of a company. Business model templates Many options exist for companies looking for a business model that suits them. Advertising funding is … Read More »

Make sure your offer is irresistible

10 Sep

Making a commercial offer irresistible is important to attract prospects.  There are two levers to achieve this effectively: emotion and the factual. A business proposal provides the cost-effective solution to a prospect’s problem.   The essential thing to know The writing and presentation of a commercial offer varies according to … Read More »