To develop its turnover and ensure its growth, a company working in the BtoB sales sector must succeed in its commercial prospection.

To ensure the success of its efforts, it must master certain skills, use appropriate tools and have competent resources. How to find success in B2B prospecting? This article directs you to good practices to implement.

The importance of commercial prospecting

Commercial prospecting, the pre-sale stage, includes the steps taken to establish a first contact with the targeted potential customers. It consists of presenting the latter with the products and services offered by the company. This phase is an opportunity to convert sales leads into real buyers.

These steps are essential to ensure the sustainability of the company. They allow to:

  • Search and find a new customer base;
  • Cross-selling with already acquired customers: to persuade them to buy products and services in addition to their usual orders;
  • Relaunch old customers who have not made purchases for a period of time;
  • Explore new avenues on the BtoB market with the aim of finding other niches offering sales potential;
  • Compensate for a loss of markets: customers can not be retained for eternity. The company must anticipate each year the loss of a part of its customers;
  • Increase turnover.

The peculiarities of a B2B prospection

The sustainability of the business depends on the success of B2B prospecting and the new sales it generates. The goal of each campaign is to generate qualified leads, to find new prospects ready to acquire the products or services offered by the brand.

This segment of the market holds its particularity: the targeted customers are companies (Business to Business). They must follow a strict hierarchical principle and the decision can not be made by one person. Each step of the prospecting process, each interlocutor involved in the purchasing process is important.

BtoB sales prospecting also enriches the company’s customer database. It helps to ensure the sustainability of the firm’s activities and helps stabilize its growth. To ensure the success of B2B prospecting, the brand must implement an appropriate strategy and master the techniques required to attract prospects.

A presence on the Web

 The company must take advantage of the rise of digital to impose its presence on the Internet to improve its visibility and notoriety. The creation of a website, the insertion of qualified content to highlight the products and services offered are effective ways to make a difference with the competition in an environment where digital occupies a preponderant place.

The “Opinion” section or the section dedicated to the forums offers prospects the opportunity to express their interests for the products or services offered by the company and to share personal information. These interactions promote sales and bring water to the mill of commercial prospecting.

A website is a powerful method for developing new sales leads. After collecting the prospect information, the company can switch to a form of B2B prospecting: targeted e-mailing, prospecting or telephone nurturing.

Designing a qualified file

The knowledge of the organization of the “large account” customers is very important during a BtoB survey in order to be able to find the right person. Thanks to a qualified file, the company is able to select the companies to contact and the decision-makers to privilege. Since the decision depends on a hierarchical structure, no person likely to be involved in the process leading up to the sale should be overlooked during the business development.

The qualification of the file allows to have all the information on the hierarchical principles applied within the targeted company. Its development is an essential step for a successful prospection. The management team, the sales manager and the marketing manager are among the most influential people to decide on a purchase.

A good knowledge of the targets

Before embarking on a B2B prospecting campaign, the company must have a good knowledge of the needs of its targets in order to offer them offers that meet their expectations. Here again, the qualification of the file plays an important role, because it makes it possible to inquire about the potential prospects and to consult the details on their profile.

Other B2B prospecting methods

  • Targeted e-mailing : The main advantage of this method lies in its low cost. For messages to be well received by prospects, it is important to design powerful content and have quality distribution files.
  • Phone prospecting : This is one of the most traditional methods in B2B sales, but it is no less efficient. It allows you to generate appointments, make direct sales and get leads for future prospects. It is enough to choose judiciously the interlocutor thanks to the qualification of the file.
  • The telephone nurturing : the success of a BtoB prospection also requires a job to promote the maturity of a margin of prospects who need to be called regularly to discuss their projects, to offer them appropriate solutions, etc. This approach helps to refine the organization of sales forces over time.

To conclude

The process of a B2B prospection is often long and the steps can be complex because it must respect the hierarchical principle established within the targeted companies. However, the implementation of the advice provided by this article allows a brand to have many assets to ensure the success of its campaigns. You now know the strategy to adopt, the data required, the practices to be implemented to increase your sales, develop your turnover and sustain your business.