Making a commercial offer irresistible is important to attract prospects. 

There are two levers to achieve this effectively: emotion and the factual. A business proposal provides the cost-effective solution to a prospect’s problem.


The essential thing to know

The writing and presentation of a commercial offer varies according to a simple or complex sale. The fundamentals are similar at all points, but the products involved, the impulse purchase are different for B2B and B2C. For e-commerce, the goal is to encourage customers to buy, place an order or subscribe to a trial offer. To motivate them, a voucher (5 to 10 euros) or an extra-value (offer a free e-book for the purchase of a video training or an e-book) is proposed. This is to give them an exceptional and complementary product.

For B2B sales and consulting, there is a time for reflection and a comparison of brands. In this case, the salesperson follows his client closely. He retrieves his contact details (e-mail, phone) to convince him to buy by offering him a bonus. The latter will provide the solution to the problem (for a short time) before the act of purchase as well as added value. It can be a diagnosis, a free audit, a video training series, a practical guide, a checklist or a white paper. After a first bonus on your main activity, add more with other services and products to improve the conversion. In a commercial offer, the title must hang the prospect. It must be short and perfectly illustrates the product or service that it seeks. Paid image banks (, are available to choose from.


Principles of a personalized business proposal

Even if you manage to solve your customer’s problem by offering your product or service, it’s important to distinguish yourself from your competitors. This is to position yourself differently and thus become the only one in the eyes of prospects. Instead of selling your products one by one, pair them together without neglecting the details and create an emotion to solve the problem in a comfortable, easy and efficient way. Establish a relationship of trust by providing the solution sought by the customer to solve his problem. Explain in detail how such a product solves the problem, with video, photos or demonstration.

Each prospect has his specific needs, but the salesperson can always argue about the comments by reinforcing the main benefit. A business enterprise must make a profit. But to attract customers, it must offer a guarantee even to abandon the benefits for the benefit of customers. The warranty must be attractive to reduce the brakes on the purchase. The ideal would be to choose a guarantee that suits the offer and apply it on the single selling proposition or the main benefit.

To make a business proposition irresistible, a company must think that the value of the prospect’s money is less important than the benefits of the offer. Such is the case of an all-inclusive stay in the sun for a family. The client must feel the importance and the benefits of living rather than cost. The salesperson will make sure to reduce the price and increase the services or products (games room, bar, bodybuilding spa, etc.).


Good arguments for a good commercial offer

In a commercial offer, add value centered on the service or product offered. It is based on technical terms taking into account the creation of free services and the environmental impact. A commercial enterprise must publish in its offer this value, and this at least 4 times higher than its selling price. This is to encourage the customer to buy. Such is the case of a camera that costs 115 euros for example. Other competitors may offer cheaper. In this case, it is necessary to offer in addition to the offer training on the use of the device or a guide highlighting the practical tips for successful photos. It is also possible to hold a quiz (best photo will receive a gift) or replace the new device if it breaks down in the year.

A commercial enterprise sells a promise, a value of the service or product that leads the prospect to buy for a use value. She has achieved her goal of meeting the customer’s expectations and making the latter a professional photographer (knowledge of all the features and options of the device).


The essentials for a relevant commercial offer

To value a product or service in a commercial offer, it is possible to provide a guarantee of availability 7/7 (service or product of first necessity), response (48 hours), reimbursement, redemption (for sustainable products ) or a long warranty period (to amplify customer response). The discounts are of interest to loyal customers, groups (associations, works councils, corporate networks, etc.) or first registrants. In a business proposal, you can also include a free trial period (ranging from 7, 10 to 30 days), a limited edition (rare products, collector’s items or hand-made items, etc.). Choose the pre-registration period with which the customer will have priority when leaving a product. The split payment and the loyalty bonus also have their effect, especially for loyal prospects who make regular purchases. Also offer a similar product with more features (luxury version) also holds their attention.

The commercial enterprise must dematerialize the ancillary offer by replacing it with another product or service. It must also inform the prospect of the perceived risk. The offer, including a product, must be reliable, functional, easy to repair, maintain (parts easy to find) and adapted to the customer’s use. The product must have an optimal life. It is also necessary to minimize the physical brake (products that comply with environmental standards), the price and cost barrier and minimize the environmental impact over its entire life cycle.