Business Creation: Financing Options

It appears that the required investment is greater than your available capital. What financing options can you use? 


As part of a business creation project, you have already carried out a market study and carried out a business plan. But something came out of control. 

This article provides you with all the information you may need to find the right finance solution for you.

To obtain the necessary financing for the creation of your company, you can contact 4 main types of actors: public organizations, crowdfunding platforms, credit institutions and banks as well as equity investors.


Public bodies

In order to support business creators, public organizations offer financial support or facilitate project promoters’ procedures for granting credit. You can claim a number of aids, depending on your profile, the nature of your project and the location where you plan to locate your business.

The Brussels Guarantee Fund : this organization aims to help business creators who wish to obtain a professional credit in the Brussels-Capital Region. His intervention consists in providing lending institutions with a substantial share of the guarantees required by entrepreneurs who wish to subscribe to a loan. The ceiling is set at 80% of the overall amount of the credit and the cost of this assistance is limited to the payment of a single lump sum contribution.

SRIB (Regional Investment Company of Brussels) : it makes available to entrepreneurs various products dedicated to the financing of their future activities.

The AIRBAG scholarship : up to a maximum of € 12,500, divided into four tranches over two years, it is granted to anyone domiciled in Wallonia and planning to set up a business in this region as its main activity.

The Pre-Activity Scholarship : designed for any innovative entrepreneur. It can be up to € 12,500 to cover 80% of eligible expenses.

The e-business aids : they concern 2 parts. The premium for the creation of an e-commerce site, ranging from € 2,500 to € 15,000, proposed by Wallonia. RENTIC premium, capped at € 5,000, suggested by the same region for a business creator to use the services of a RENTIC approved consultant. This premium provides for the reimbursement of up to 80% of the intervention cost.

Assistance from AWEX (Walloon Agency for Export and Foreign Investment): for the financing of communication media for entrepreneurs who are planning to prospect export markets. The aid can cover up to 50% of media costs (excluding VAT). It may concern the printing of flyers, flyers, business cards, the creation of the company’s website, referencing, etc.


Crowdfunding platforms

Crowdfunding allows you to obtain loans, investments or donations by speaking to a large group of people. This concept is based on the following idea: a project leader can sometimes find more easily a thousand people who can contribute 1 € to the financing of his company than to meet an investor who can bring alone an envelope of 1.000 €.

Thanks to the emergence of crowdfunding platforms on the Internet, crowdfunding is provoking a growing enthusiasm among start-up creators, as it presents itself as an alternative to traditional financing systems.

Crowdfunding works in an unusual way. It offers several options to project promoters in need of financing. Depending on the nature of their project and their expectations, they have the choice between a call for donations, looking for new shareholders or asking for a loan.

This solution is not just a way to finance a business. It can also be used to inform the public about the project. Many startups have found their first customers on these platforms before they even started their activities.


Credit institutions and banks

These organizations can respond favorably to your request for partial financing of your company’s assets. You must meet the following 3 conditions:

  • Demonstrate the credibility of your project: the experience of the management team in the targeted business sector, the existence of a market, etc.
  • Holding assets to finance: Banks rely solely on historical cash flows and assets when granting loans to small businesses.
  • Equity contribution: to ensure that financial risks are equitably shared between project promoters and the lending institution.

The relatively low cost compared to equity investments is the main benefit of this financing solution. However, its major disadvantage lies in the rigor of repayment terms of the loan plus interest.  


Equity investments

Investors take shares in the newly created company in order to enjoy a profit in the medium term. This solution can not be applied for a one-person business. The entrepreneur must choose the status of company.

By using equity investors, the project owner can benefit from 3 main advantages:

– He is not obliged to repay the funds. Investors place their money in the hope of achieving a significant return on their investment after a few years. They expect interesting dividends or a capital gain on the sale of their shares. In case the business does not work as planned, the project leader will have nothing to repay.

  • The credibility of the project vis-à-vis commercial partners and banks thanks to investors’ capital contributions.
  • Expertise and address book that investors could provide in equity, in addition to their contribution to the capital.
  • This solution, however, has some disadvantages:
  • In exchange for the capital contributed, the investors partially hold the control of the company.
  • In the long term, this financing system is expensive for the company, as it will be obliged to ensure an attractive return on investment to attract investment candidates.


In conclusion

You now have all the necessary information on the financing options for your business creation project. It is up to you to study the “for” and the “against” in order to opt for the mode or modes of investment corresponding to your needs.

Becoming a Marketer of the Year in 3 Steps

A marketer gives value to a product or service that he sells. But how to find success in the exercise of profession? 


Here are some answers to this question.


Get involved in your job

A marketer can succeed as well or not. He must love his profession, study it in depth and understand it in every detail. A good marketer must be responsive, persistent, resistant to failure, curious and optimistic. It is inspired by external ideas (customer surveys, studies, competitive analyzes, market trends, conferences, etc.). He puts into practice and experiments with new ideas. He stays in touch with other professionals to discuss, exchange or share (networking, virtual groups, business club, teams, etc.). A salesperson is a challenger who must be able to explain and measure what worked (or not).

A marketer is a salesperson who creates value on a company’s margins and turnover. He defends the price of a product or service, closes a sale with a customer, cashes a check or defuses an objection. These are the fundamental bases of a sale. For this professional, a prospect is different from a client insofar as it convinces new customers and generates additional sales with existing customers. In the first case, it uses winning acquisition strategies and in the second case, it builds loyalty through relationship marketing. The latter transforms them into brand ambassadors. Even after the act of purchase, one must continue to collaborate with the client and individualize the communication with him. This one will give a return on the product, making it possible to determine its evolution. Old customers need recognition. They want to be satisfied with a personalized offer in relation to their relationship with the company and their purchase history.


Know the real missions of an exceptional marketer

To facilitate the marketing of a product, the marketer must use the technical reflexes. It offers maximum customized products that meet customer expectations. For this, he studies prospects and customers with the method of personas. Thus, he will define the channel and the commercial approach to attract them.

Whenever possible, the marketer personalizes his offer. It sends a unique email to customers and offers them the benefits of services, products, pricing policies and positioning. It uses a personalized lever adapted to the target to optimize the affinities. To treat each prospect individually, this professional must have a database of quality, highlighting each client. Free and paid tools are available online for this type of database with opt-ins and auto-responders. As a result, the marketer will have information about each person’s tastes, profession, age, and buying habits. Thanks to this database, he will improve his strategy with the behavioral analyzes of each profile.

A good marketer must know how to manage his commercial intensity. He must not restart prospects at any time by filling their mailbox. A good control of the commercial pressure allows him to make a sale. That’s why this professional must keep the history of the marketing actions of each target. It will use split testing to objectively evaluate the returns of marketing actions. Through each of his actions, he synthesizes the results and determines which is the best.


Adopt the right behavior

Becoming a marketer requires skills in various fields. You have to be passionate about the job, study it and understand it in every detail. A salesperson follows theoretical and practical training on websites. There are also free and paid white papers on web marketing and general Internet marketing. General marketing books that are 30 or 40 years old are also interesting. An exceptional marketer is expensive because otherwise it is less reliable and is not respected. However, he must remain reasonable to fix his price.

Convincing and pushing customers to buy is no longer enough to sell a product or service. The salesperson must guide prospects in their emotions. Cognitive trading shows clients the benefits they can derive from personal development. The ideal would be to train in web marketing to speak effectively. Choosing the most profitable distribution channels also guarantees better persuasion. The marketer will invest in the best performing channels. He studies the sales volumes generated by each channel, inform the sales representatives and together they will invest in the relevant sales tours.

A system, a technique and a marketing process are no longer sufficient as the basis of marketing. This field is constantly evolving and renewing itself constantly. With new applications and technologies, creativity is multiform and multichannel. The idea is to improve existing products and innovate products with simplicity, ergonomics and completeness. The marketer must use understandable and easy-to-use services like “user-friendly” interfaces.

By emitting good ideas, a marketer needs to support them with solid strategies in launching a project. To ensure the success of a marketing campaign, we must respect 5 factors namely inspiration, connection, organization, concentration and construction. The marketer must anticipate the needs of the customer and know the final usefulness of the product he wants to buy.

Finding ideas is good, take them out at the right time, it’s even better like the case of Snapchat, released when the weight of images was discussed. Same for newsjacking techniques and market intelligence, useful in press relations and marketing. Digitization is a widespread and trendy form to be followed and put forward the expertise of a marketer. Through social networks, the marketer can interact and collaborate directly with prospects.

Know the motives for buying your target

If in the world of marketing, a company was limited to know the needs of its customers to motivate them to buy, we must dig deeper and offer them adequate offers.

In B to C as in B to B, there are REFERENCES to guide you to motivate your customers.


Benchmarks to boost customer motivation

A customer wants to be recognized and have a personalized service and receive specific offers that are similar to a brand. Thus, he wants to obtain Privilèges cards or VIP benefits. Buying ethics is the trend with the appearance of cultural creatives in 2008. The consumer buys according to its values. There are the followers of the responsible consumption and the short circuit. There is also fair trade and the purchase of French or organic products without forgetting locavores that consume products from less than 100 km. The consumer buys according to his values. He is also motivated to buy one local product over another, while contributing to sustainable development.


The prize is also put into play to motivate a customer to buy, whether to make a deal or a return on investment. Consumers are constantly looking for sales, discounts, special rates, promotions and great deals. For them, buying a product with better ergonomics arouses emotion and is enough to motivate them. This is how the Apple brand has attracted its followers with the ecosystem and design of its products. In this case, sensory marketing is a big challenge to attract more customers.

Customers are constantly looking for novelty to have motivation to buy. They want to be reassured about price and security. This is the case in the field of decoration and furniture where it also offers planning advice. In B to B, Team Building is an effective way to renew team involvement. Some customers rely on simplicity and prefer to buy functional and effective products. They buy a product for its main function, without problem and without sophistication (example: a phone). Finally, security is an important motivation to induce a consumer to buy. In procuring a product, it demands reliability, reinsurance and warranties, product features and brands. Indeed, labeled products, which have solid references, which comply with the standards have an assurance for their durability.


Other motivation points

However, there are other criteria that drive consumers to buy a particular product for a brand. There are 3 kinds of motivations: Oblative, Hedonistic and SONCAS. For the latter, the supplier determines the needs of the customer who seeks to be valued after purchase, to feel the physical or psychological comfort that meets the motivation of safety. A customer buys a product if the seller is friendly and knows how to establish a relationship of trust with him.

Example: a car equipped with ABS (equipped with a reduced braking system) and 9 airbags (for the driver and passengers) guarantees safety. It has a new flagship block, a leather upholstery (standing) and equipped with the latest technology XR2 (from single-seaters formula1). Its seats are adjustable in depth and height and its trunk can hold 3 large suitcases. This car runs at 6km / 100 for 10 990 euros.

Oblative and hedonistic motivation is to motivate a customer to buy a product to please themselves (physical or intellectual), to make a gift or for a shared purchase (travel, equipment, etc.), during a purchase drive. . It’s a strategy that influences marketing decisions and advertising discourse. The motivation of self-expression is a way of expressing oneself in order to obtain products related to social life: furniture, clothing, car, ornaments, etc.


For an effective motivation

A sales person, to motivate a customer to buy, gets the best of his expectations. He works and deepens his technical knowledge of the service or product. It attracts the customer’s attention, draws him to the strengths of the product or service, breaks the ice and leads him to sign a purchase order. Certainly, these are the basic reflexes to sell a product. But we must go further by interpreting the information collected.

The seller must interest and educate the consumer, build loyalty and anticipate questions about the product he is looking for. Basically, the salesperson must put himself in the customer’s shoes. He must ask himself the right questions about why he buys and not about the ways to sell him. Thus, the motivation evolves according to various factors (purchasing situation, personality of the seller, products offered, knowledge of the product or service, the experience of the buyer, etc.). Based on this rule, the salesperson will easily identify the objective and subjective reasons that will drive the customer to validate a purchase in line with its needs rationally, functionally and psychologically.


Better sell to motivate

TVCA or Sales Behavior Technique is a way of focusing on the behavior of a buyer. It is an open commercial practice that combines listening, observation and questioning to argue and convince the client to buy.

The salesperson must learn about the details of his client’s environment. He can get information on the Internet, analyze the layout of a car park or a room, etc. He will ask questions to better understand this environment and then offer his interlocutor the appropriate product or service that meets his expectations. Prospects will supplement the information on psychological motivations. The sales professional also asks intelligent questions and responds insightfully, causing him to sell.

Example: If a customer has a delivery problem with his supplier, another must remedy it effectively and optimally by avoiding other problems.

In short, 70% of consumers are motivated to buy a product or service for different reasons: primary needs, psychological, etc.

Marketing: What is the RADAR model?

In order to better connect with their customers, companies use the RADAR model to boost their business. But in reality, what is it?

The definition of the term

The RADAR model (Reactivate, Acquire, Develop, Support and Retain) is a marketing plan that aims to better target customers and ensure a personalized follow-up of their needs and requirements. This is to classify each type of customer and to anticipate the answer to each of his requests. Commercial enterprises tend to satisfy their customers. For them, the customer is king, so they make sure to be caring since his first purchase to know his favorite brand. Customers are subdivided into different segments: potential customers, loyal and high-value customers and declining customers.

The RADAR model aims to break into target segments of customers based on their life cycle and their dealings with the brand or company. This is to ensure that their relational goals across these targets truly match the value of the business. Thanks to the RADAR model, a company sets up a marketing system based on the expectations and value of each client. This system tends to set up specific long-term actions for both customers and prospects. These actions, in turn, target the latter in an effective and personalized way.


How it works ?

 A RADAR model takes place in different stages. As a first step, it is important to identify the variables that define the customer value: potential turnover or customer share. We must reactivate customers and former customers whose order is down. Then, it is necessary to establish value thresholds adapted to the relational objectives. In addition, new customers must be acquired as qualified prospects according to certain characteristics (potential and affinity with the brand).

For a customer with a high food rate (80%), we must retain, retain, know its value and its evolution. The one with a rate of 15%, you have to reactivate it. For those who have a customer share between 15 and 39%, some will increase their activity rate (by affinity or principle) while others will not. They are to retain and accompany where they entrust the majority of their purchases to the company or a brand. Subsequently, the company must position itself on the customer’s life cycle axis and the customer value axis. Finally, it must analyze stock options before choosing the best options for each segment.

In order to better understand the values ​​of each client, the company can also sub-segment client families and thus obtain homogeneous segments. The purpose of the RADAR model is to create stable and lasting relationships with the customer, while contributing to the profitability of the organization. This marketing plan aims to match the strategies to the customer segments, the marketing and sales actions, the relationship objective and the proposed offer. This system gives a clear view of the weight of segments and the balance of the portfolio of customers in the dynamics of their life cycle.

For this strategy to be effective, it is important to ensure that the offers submitted to customers are in perfect harmony with their needs and relational goals. In order to satisfy the customers, a company must situate the segmentation by the customer value. To do this, it “cuts” the portfolio of customers and prospects in different homogeneous segments: in value and by need. It targets each client and establishes specific actions for each of them regardless of the food rate. As a result, the company builds customer loyalty on its brand and will subsequently trigger the buyout.


How to segment?

The food rate is a direct and important determinant of the market share (turnover or volume). It gives information on the share of purchases of the brand compared to its competitors (same category in a buyer). With the stagnation and saturation of the market, the food rate allows each customer to structure their purchases with precision, regardless of the category.

Example: for consumers of Evian mineral water, there are exclusive consumers, mixed (other brands) and complete non-consumers. They buy just when the brands they usually take are not available. As for mixed consumers, they buy regularly and remain loyal to brands. For these mixed customers, the goal is to increase their food rate for a brand, especially in B to C and B to B. The goal is to serve them properly without displaying high prices. For exclusive consumers, it would be better to increase their volume of purchases by making them aware of other services of the brand.

Another example for complete consumers (80%) as for the supply of drugs by the same dispatcher. In general, a pharmacy works with 2 dispatchers, the second of which helps a client when the first can not provide him with branded products he is looking for.


For customer satisfaction

If in 2000, customer satisfaction consisted of product sales, quality services, efficient after-sales service or claims management, RADAR, with segmentation by customer needs and value, improves still their satisfaction. This marketing strategy is valid both in B to C and B to B. For the latter, including SMEs of all sizes, a B to B company analyzes the portfolio of its client and defines a double profile: customers type Those who buy exclusively from their homes and type B customers who do some of their shopping at the company. Each customer benefits from a personalized service where type A customers are to support and retain their management and type B customers need marketing and commercial actions with new offers.

Marketing budget is a challenge for startups

Starting a startup is easy to do, but you have to master many parameters to last in this type of innovative business.

Among these multiple parameters is the marketing budget, a key factor for the survival of the startup. But before focusing on the marketing budget, it is necessary to define the essential needs to succeed in the adventure of the startup.


The first step, defining the target customers

To become known to customers, it is necessary to invent a viral product. Thus, it is necessary to prioritize an expanded communication and buzz marketing actions through various social networks to gain notoriety. This method is valid for B2C. For B2B, recommendations and communications on professional media remain the best resources to be recognized and improve its visibility in its industry. Virality is possible by invitation or invitation to the invitation, or by promoting a product that attracts consumers. To do this, the product must bring added value and meet the expectations of customers. In addition, it is best to design a practical product easy to use by all. Thanks to content marketing, we can implement informative and pedagogical multiplatform content through blog articles, video tutorials, among others. To promote the innovative product or service, it is necessary to focus on a better multi-channel presence, such as chatting online with support, FAQs, social networks. Finally, we must be open to dialogue. Two solutions are available to startups. Through social networks, you have to read, analyze and respond to customer opinions. Small surveys are also needed to store customer reviews and to determine the net referral rate for customer satisfaction.


The definition of the marketing strategy

A successful marketing strategy must focus on attracting prospects, converting them into customers and building customer loyalty. To do this, we must act on several points and implement the necessary devices. It is necessary to refocus the marketing and sales teams on one goal in common to design a beneficial and easy to reproduce marketing mode. The interesting prospect must be identified in order to create an effective and adapted marketing strategy and campaigns. After this step, we must measure the impacts of the marketing strategy. To achieve this, the ratio between the customer’s acquisition cost and the total revenue generated must be calculated. Thanks to this ratio, we know the return on investment generated in order to convince future investors to finance our marketing strategy and boost our corporate financing.


Potential investors of a startup

To develop a marketing strategy and complete your marketing budget effectively, you need to find funders. Even if you can start a startup with a little personal funds and family money, the development phase necessarily requires more substantial funds, more important. It is necessary to resort to business angels. These are essentially associations, dedicated platforms. However, to convince these investors, you need to have a significant turnover, a few customers, several users. Investors need several criteria to spark their interest and push them to spend their investment effectively. The good questions are to know the existence of a market, and the interest of consumers for a new product or service. It is necessary to know if there is a real business model for the activity which is under development. Finally, the startup must have a team for its growth and the evolution of the company.


The price of the product and the competition

After segmenting the target market into many people, the value added must be determined. A buyer personae represents a target group in order to differentiate the multiple categories of possible customers. For this, it makes known the expectations and issues raised by customers. To have a stable base, consider developing and updating the buyer personae to design a product or service that meets the needs of the market. You also need to find a consistent and realistic price for prospects. The price must be related to the added value of the product or service and its degree of perception to potential customers. You have to find the right balance between the brand and the prospect. To help you, you need to create and distribute a lot of marketing content, tests, free demonstrations to define what the prospects really perceive in relation to a product or a service. At the level of the competition, the surveillance is in place. With digital marketing tools, you have to look closely at the activity of the competition to analyze it and make constant comparisons. In terms of competitiveness, you need to know how to identify your strengths and identify the weak points of competition in order to have competitive advantages and identify performance indicators.


The creation of a showcase website and skills

After creating a site through an agency, if you have the necessary budget, you need to develop the skills internally. The site is the real showcase of a startup. It is necessary to conceive a good quality of product, to initiate an efficient service, a good ergonomics and an excellent speed of execution. In addition, by outsourcing service development components and by internalizing research and design, value added is prioritized and one can focus on the core business.


The different aspects of cost control

A startup has a very tight budget. For a better control of the costs, the team of the founders must be polyvalent in all the fields, namely to be product manager, marketing manager, financial manager. In general, a startup is made up of a team of 3 people who work as providers. As for the method of bootstrapping or reduction of the costs to the maximum, it authorizes a progression in spite of the delays of financings. Bootstrapping concerns nursery offices, temporary employment contracts such as internships, fixed-term contracts, subcontracting. These structures help to keep costs down to work in peace. Exchange is also an effective method of controlling costs. We must focus on creativity by seeking all means to avoid paying exorbitant prices. This type of barter of services makes it possible to benefit from other useful services in return for a less cost, even free. Finally, crowdfunding remains a solution. However, this process is more for financing a product than a startup.

The benefits of coaching for your Professional Activity

Coaching management in Belgium is on the rise in all types of companies.

shutterstock 644353762 1 980x400

Start-ups, SMEs, large structures … More and more companies are calling on a professional coach to monitor their activity. Coaching makes it possible to explain its objectives and to put in place concrete actions to reach them. In-company coaching is a perfect answer to the new forms of management that have been booming in recent years. Focus on the real benefits of coaching.


A tailor-made accompaniment

Professional coaching can take two forms: the accompaniment of the entrepreneur on the moral plane, in his actions and in the decision making, and the accompaniment of each collaborator. Here we will talk about coaching managers and general managers. The professional accompaniment allows the decision maker to take a step back on his decisions, to communicate better with the employees … In short, it is a real personalized support which gives rise to significant results in managerial, financial, and much more.


Personalized mental coaching

The profession of professional coach does not stop at the moral support of the entrepreneur. The coach also helps the decision maker to optimize his mental faculties and to be more effective in what he undertakes. It seeks to develop its performance by building self-confidence and reducing stress. The coach helps the manager to implement a successful strategy, while taking into account the managerial aspect. Coaching is a new profession that meets almost universal expectations: to maximize its potential to achieve its objectives, while taking into account the needs of employees.

If you are considering choosing a professional coach, make sure he has a certification. It is a guarantee of quality, which guarantees a perfect mastery of the coaching process. A professional coach showing several positive experiences to his credit is obviously a plus.

Coaching management in Belgium is on the rise in all types of companies. Start-ups, SMEs, large structures … More and more companies are calling on a professional coach to monitor their activity. Coaching makes it possible to explain its objectives and to put in place concrete actions to reach them. In-company coaching is a perfect answer to the new forms of management that have been booming in recent years. Focus on the real benefits of coaching.


A tailor-made accompaniment

Professional coaching can take two forms: the accompaniment of the entrepreneur on the moral plane, in his actions and in the decision making, and the accompaniment of each collaborator. Here we will talk about coaching managers and general managers. The professional accompaniment allows the decision maker to take a step back on his decisions, to communicate better with the employees … In short, it is a real personalized support which gives rise to significant results in managerial, financial, and much more.


Personalized mental coaching

The profession of professional coach does not stop at the moral support of the entrepreneur. The coach also helps the decision maker to optimize his mental faculties and to be more effective in what he undertakes. It seeks to develop its performance by building self-confidence and reducing stress. The coach helps the manager to implement a successful strategy, while taking into account the managerial aspect. Coaching is a new profession that meets almost universal expectations: to maximize its potential to achieve its objectives, while taking into account the needs of employees.

If you are considering choosing a professional coach, make sure he has a certification. It is a guarantee of quality, which guarantees a perfect mastery of the coaching process. A professional coach showing several positive experiences to his credit is obviously a plus.

Amazon Dash, Echo and Google Home: the revolution at home

What are all the new solutions to order from home without even going to a website?

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When the ability to order products online came into existence, many considered the concept as “revolutionary”. Today, the giants of online sales go even further to impress the general public and especially fans of remote shopping. For this, they have set up a system, a device to place orders without wasting time looking for products on the online sales site. How is this possible? Well, it’s thanks to Amazon Dash or Google Home. Here is an overview of the operating principle of these two systems that allows you to place your orders online without going through a website.


Shop with Amazon Dash

Through Amazon Dash, Amazon has just reinvented shopping. Easy to handle Amazon Dash is a device that allows the general public to place their order online without having to go to the Amazon site. Launched for the first time in the United States, the first Amazon Dash was a small object with the same form of remote control that can be used as a voice recorder. At the time, the device was equipped with a speaker, but also a microphone. In addition, it is equipped with a barcode reader. Today, the device has been replaced by the Dash button and since November 8, 2016, it is available to customers in France.

  • Using the first Amazon Dash

  To be able to use the first Amazon Dash, the user first had to connect it to a wireless network, and then turn on his computer. He could start by dictating the products he needed. The other alternative was to recover the barcodes of products he wanted to buy on the label of an old product that he has for example in his closet. Later, if he wanted to manage his orders, he could do it by going to his computer and then to his Amazon Fresh account. Products ordered through Amazon Dash are displayed. Obviously, if the user wanted to remove one or more products on the shopping list, he could do it freely. Once everything was OK, it was enough to validate his purchase and the turn was played. Purchases ordered by Amazon Dash are then delivered to the customer’s home within a maximum of 24 hours (business day).

  • Using the current Amazon Dash button

  The goal of Amazon Dash is to allow a person to buy products on Amazon without having to redirect to the official website of the sign. If during the test conducted in the United States, to finalize orders placed through Amazon Dash, customers still needed to go to the Amazon site, today, with the use of the Dash button, this step does not is no longer necessary. Currently, Amazon offers a specific Dash button for each brand. Then, according to his needs, the user of the Dash button can configure his device by associating it with a product of this brand. Thereafter, when the person wishes to order this product, it is sufficient that it presses the button for the selection, sending and payment of the order are immediately settled. Once the button turns green, it means that the command has gone well. If not, it will turn green and it will be possible to resume sending the order. As an indication, when the Dash button was launched in France, customers were able to choose from 43 Dash button colors, specifying that each color matched a brand. Since then, the number of brands wanting to be part of this concept has continued to grow which can only please Amazon and its customers.

  • Amazon Dash: for whom?

  For the moment, only Amazon Prime members can enjoy using Amazon Dash. However, you should know that the Dash button is now available at 4.99 euros and this cost is deducted from the first order made by its user.


Shop with Google Home

If in the beginning, Google Home was used to control audio content, to manage the lights in a house, today, this device will even allow the realization of purchase online and as always, this can be done by simple voice command. At this point, the purchase will be done directly from Google Express. To do this, simply contact Google Assistant. If Google Express purchases are subject to delivery charges and membership fees, this will not be the case for purchases made through Google Home. Otherwise, it should be noted that for the moment, Google Home only allows the purchase of products developed by the fifty or so Google Express partner brands. However, there is a good chance that the number of products that can be purchased through Google Home will increase as soon as that’s the case for the number of Google Home partners who want to see this concept developed.

  • Using Google Home to buy online

  To shop online with Google Home, there’s nothing easier than … talking. Better yet, just chat with the device as if you’re chatting with a real trader. For example, to buy milk, you just have to say “buy honey” or “Google add honey to my basket”. For vegetables, it is possible to say: “add 1 kilogram of carrot to the basket”.

  • How Google Home works

  According to Paul Wilkinson, who is in charge of technology and research at Tesco Labs, the management of voice control in Google Home is based on the IFTTT platform, or If this then that. It is an American platform that ensures the interaction between the connected object and the needs of its user. For example, when ordering, Google Home chooses the product offered to the user based on its consumption history. IFTTT technology will save time and minimize errors in order list completion when someone makes an online purchase through Google Home. Finally, in one of its publications, Google announced that in the near future, people who use Google Home for online purchase will be able to register the number of their credit cards. They will also be able to do so with their delivery addresses, which will further optimize the use of this system.


The best free business plan addresses

The business plan is a communication medium necessary for any organization or company for different approaches. 

adresse business plan 980x400

These approaches concern investors such as banks, financing organizations, and capital providers. They are also partners such as potential partners, suppliers, customers. The business plan is also aimed at present or future employees so that they have a precise document on the different objectives of the structure as well as the projection visions for the future. The business plan aims to clarify operational and financial objectives. In addition, this tool details the multiple stages of development of the business project. When the business is launched, the business plan facilitates the management of the company, the monitoring of the objectives and the evaluations thanks to the performance indicators.

Insurance for the financing of the company

Admitted as a true roadmap, the business plan guarantees to the entrepreneur that no component has been omitted in the establishment of the project and the organization of ideas during the creation phase of the project. business. Generally concentrated in twenty pages, the business plan defines in detail the peculiarities of your business project. This relates to the presentation with an identity card of the company, objectives, financial and human resources, products and services to offer. It also concerns a profitability plan or chart and a detailed market analysis with specific content, a focus on the business sector and an overview of the competition. This makes it possible to determine at the same time the realistic commercial and financial objectives and the necessary means for a period of 5 years.

An indispensable tool for funders

  The business plan is the insurance of your business financing. Any potential investor, any bank requires this tool as a priority for each loan application or financing request. The business plan needs to gain clarity to convince at first. By reading this document, investors should be certain of your mastery of the industry. They control your possibilities in terms of profitability. You must also convince them of your skills and the consistency of your profile for a controlled management of your company. Investors and bankers place particular emphasis on financial guarantees. This mainly includes the financing plan and the cash flow plan. When the forecast result, it authorizes the analysis, the determination of the expected return on investment.

A valuable instrument for corporate communication

The business plan is a perfect communication tool. You can use it as a support to search for business partners, interesting suppliers with profitable margins, future customers. It is a business presentation tool that serves as both an incentive and a vision of the future. It should be known that the business plan is not a fixed document. You can modify it or add additional information in progress to complete your project, according to market developments and developments in the competition. This control tool is not only useful when starting your activity. The business plan allows for the implementation of new ideas and inputs while providing a well-established structure for all critical phases of organizational development. It is essential to favor an irreproachable writing and a careful presentation. It must also include all the information necessary for the profitability of the company. This includes market research, competitive analysis, supply analysis, business strategy, forecast turnover, and more.

Useful addresses for building business plan

To find the best free business plan templates, you need to go to websites to help build business plan online. Depending on your industry and core business, you need an effective, detailed and relevant steering tool.

  • With the site , you access a software that is easy to work and free. This creation of Limousin Expansion is an aid to project evaluation thanks to these financial simulations. Multiple data are available to begin writing the business plan. A permanent accompaniment authorizes the construction of a professional instrument including essential information. Different models by sector of activity are proposed to the user. Just follow a plan and include your own data.
  • By the way, FISY is a free Excel tool. On the FISY website, you can easily and quickly get a financial forecast for your business plan. Practical and functional, FISY makes it possible to establish a business plan in record time thanks to its simple and practical guide.
  • Another essential address is illustrated by the Ebusiness Plan website. It is a totally free help site that offers simplified ergonomics for the construction of a professional document. You can include financial data needed for your own use or for investors. The online tool allows the creation of tables and graphs. The only drawback of this site lies in the establishment of currencies in dollars.
  • Otherwise, you can opt for the My Business Plan website . It is an assistant to the creation of business plan able to exercise in the cloud. Initiated by a team of entrepreneurs involved, My Business Plan aims to make several collaborate on a single document. This is a definite asset for many employees in the company. Each participant adds their contribution, saves the changes to create multiple versions of the business plan. My Business Plan offers you multiple models. They serve as a guide to select the most suitable structure. The site has a free version of business plan establishment, exportable in PDF version.
  • On the website Start My Story , you can initiate online the easy creation of a business plan. The design is done in five phases. After logging in, it is necessary to complete the company profile, fill in many questions and enter the financial forecasts.

The advantages of business plan addresses online

Obtaining business plan addresses online is the best way to profit cheaply from a powerful and essential tool to create your essential roadmap for business intelligence and communication. Indeed, if you opt for an accounting firm or a provider paid, the cost of the service is not negligible. If you have the skills and knowledge you need, you have all the assets you need to succeed in establishing a clear and detailed business plan on an online business plan design site.

Market Study: Fatal Errors

When writing a business plan as part of a business creation, market research is a crucial step that must be treated with the utmost attention. 


The slightest mistake can be an obstacle to launching the project. This article is a retrospective on fatal errors that must be avoided during a market study.


Getting the wrong idea right from the beginning of the market research

Many people go headlong into a market study from the moment they think they have a great idea. In order to prove that they are in the right vein, they select only the information that suits them and want to justify at all costs that their intuition does not deceive them. As a result, their market research is not objective and they run the risk of being skewed from the beginning.


To focus solely on an online market research

 The Internet is an indispensable tool for conducting market research. The web offers a multitude of resources, such as polls, articles, studies, etc. In addition, it is easy to ask questions about the needs of the targeted consumers. However, the Web can be misleading if the project owner gives a blind trust to all the information he finds online and relies on it exclusively for his market research. The completion of a field study is strongly recommended to supplement the data collected on the Internet.


Bet on the sudden appearance of a market or ignore the needs of the market

A project leader should not rely on a sudden creation of a market thanks to the service or the product that he plans to launch. In case its proposals do not seem to arouse the interest of the people surveyed, it is advisable to draw the necessary conclusions.

Ignorance of the needs of the target market, such as habits and frequency of consumption, price range, is also a serious mistake. Before submitting a questionnaire to get an idea of ​​the potential demand, one must first conduct field and web studies. This approach helps to confirm or refute your intuition and to embark on the next steps of the market study if the results are encouraging.


An exclusively macroeconomic study, a geographical area that is too small or too vast

Limiting one’s study to an overall idea of ​​the state of the market is a fatal mistake, as it can not lead to meaningful conclusions about the service or product to be launched. Familiarity with the key features of the market is always useful, but remember that you must test and convince the public about a particular service or product that needs to stand out from the competition.

A study carried out in a geographical area that is too large or too small is not very efficient. Certainly, the project leader must not lack ambition, but the fact of wagering on a public scattered throughout the planet is simply the domain of utopia. The best method is to focus on a specific area in which the company wants to drill first. Market research will be easier and more efficient.


Bad positioning and a bad public sample

A project leader who is positioned poorly is very likely to lose time and money. Before launching a market study, it is important to have an idea of ​​the socio-cultural specificities of the target audience. For example: to launch a boutique specialized in the sale of high-end wines, it is useless to test the customers of a grocery store located in a popular district.

The unrepresentative or poorly selected sample is a direct consequence of poor positioning. It will not bring anything to the study. Remember to verify that the people surveyed correspond to the geographical and socio-economic criteria likely to interest the company. The sample chosen must also be large enough for the study to reach relevant conclusions. For a quantitative study, a sample should consist of approximately 400 responses.


Misidentification of the target and amalgamation between survey, prospecting and clientele

The answers to the questionnaires make it possible to identify the heart of the target. This must be a homogeneous whole and have coherent specificities. Its main features can be highlighted by a qualitative survey, but this can not automatically lead to statistical segmentation.

The project leader should not draw hasty conclusions from the market study. There is no guarantee that the respondents will be ready to buy the product. Calculating the growth assumptions on the positive response rate obtained could be misleading. It must be assumed that the company must first acquire people who say they are ready to buy and turn them into customers. The others (the prospects) remain to be convinced.


To think that there is no competition and not to predict future trends

The fact that no brand markets a similar product or service, with exactly the same characteristics, to the one that is intended to be launched on the market does not mean that competition does not exist. The company should not underestimate either direct competition or indirect competition.

The market study reveals trends that are valid in the short term, but they are unlikely to be at the end of the business plan, in 3 or 5 years. A project leader must therefore take into account the market context and the uncertainties associated with the data collected in order to recommend scenarios that will remain valid for the next few years. A lack of foresight on future trends is a mistake.


Ignore the regulations in force

Many business creators tend to neglect or omit the study of the legal and regulatory environment of the sector where they plan to embark. Ignorance of the legal framework in which the activity will have to take place is a serious mistake, as the company risks becoming illegal.


To conclude

Thanks to this article, you now know the fatal errors not to commit during a market study. You also know how to ensure the relevance of your surveys and thus put the odds on your side to successfully launch a product or service and ensure the sustainability of your business.

5 Tips to improve the performance of its employees

The development of a company is essentially based on the performance of the employees who constitute its driving forces.

collaboration 980x400

This article brings 5 ​​management tips to improve the efficiency of human resources to accelerate the return on investment and increase the productivity of such an organization.


1. Create workspaces conducive to innovation and creativity

The work environment has a significant impact on the motivation and creativity of teams, especially when the company is growing. However, many entrepreneurs neglect the work environment. Yet, it is often enough to reconfigure the workspace to boost employee performance.

The objective is to arrange the premises so that the teams adopt the behavior expected by management. The contractor must adhere to the appropriate methodology for arranging offices to create the type of behavior expected of employees. Here is a simple matrix to help the company create workspaces based on the expected results.

  • Small salons with or without an office: for an agency that has to do daily “brainstorming” in groups.
  • An open space allowing employees to change their workstation every day: for a company that wants every employee to be able to do the work of a counterpart in order to better innovate.
  • Nominative offices, closed and arranged so as to avoid any distraction: for expert staff needing a high concentration during working hours.
  • An open space dedicated to a team: to foster trust and exchange in order to strengthen links between team members.


2. Ensure the development of employees

Development is a key factor in employee motivation. Numerous studies have shown that well-rounded employees make a big contribution to taking off a business. Their overall performance is 16% higher than employees who are content to be productive. The burnout rate is 125% lower than the others. Their percentage of engagement in the company is 32% higher than their counterparts less fulfilled and their satisfaction rate in their work is 46% more than the others.

These statistics reveal the importance of team development and well-being. Any entrepreneur wishing to benefit from the full value of each employee must therefore be concerned. Here are some steps that can be taken in this direction:

  • Form a team responsible for ensuring the fulfillment of workers (a works council for example) and provide it with the necessary resources (installation of a training center, periodic organizations of corporate events, gift certificates, etc.). ).
  • Do not neglect the personal lives of employees and improve working conditions: flexibility of schedules, lunches offered, etc.
  • Put in place safety levers: life insurance, health insurance, retirement plan, etc.
  • Perform managerial procedures by facilitating, for example, human resources bridges between the different trades offered by the company.


3. Adapt tasks according to each employee’s strengths

This tip is the secret of successful management so that teams consistently achieve the goals. It is a matter of regularly adjusting the missions and roles of each employee in order to optimize their strengths, aspirations and interests. To promote the rapid development of each individual, the company must pay particular attention to each worker’s learning mode in order to provide tailor-made coaching.

Seek to identify the strengths of each collaborator by asking them a relevant question to know precisely the activities that they particularly appreciate, that stimulate their motivation and their development. From there, try to discern its specificities in order to assign tasks to him where he can express his strengths and is not likely to be too handicapped by his weaknesses.

Often, it is not possible to adjust missions that exclusively solicit the forces of an employee. To optimize its potential, it is necessary to move towards the learning style adapted to each one in order to favor its progression. The company has the choice between 3 methods:

  • Role-plays or a lecture
  • Delegation of tasks by increasing the difficulty level
  • The use of an expert tutor in the activity in which the worker must progress.


4. Promote learning

The company must make arrangements to ensure that its employees are in tune with the evolution of technology and professional practices.

With the exponential development of new technologies, an employee can no longer pursue a career with a simple degree. Throughout his career, he must continue to learn. He must be trained in the latest technical innovations, be interested in all the trends in his field of activity. The company must then adopt the necessary measures to promote learning:

  • By giving each employee the opportunity to show initiative and to notice their own mistakes,
  • By giving time for training and coaching
  • By offering a reward to everyone who shares their experience.


5. Grant decision-making power to employees

Teams must be empowered so that they have the opportunity to flourish. Feeling that the company trusts them by letting them make decisions gives them a renewed dynamism that is reflected in their work. By giving them decision-making power, the company empowers them and gives them a sense of control. In addition, by making their own decisions, teams accelerate their learning.

A team may make a bad decision. The company must not take away its decision-making power on the grounds that it was wrong once. On the contrary, the team will learn from this error and come out of it more. She will then be able to share her experience with other teams to promote the development of the company.



Thanks to this article, you now know 5 tips to improve the performance of your teams. These tips are comprehensive, but they can inspire you to apply other methods to motivate your employees and get them on track for personal and business development.