A blog is a tool for publicizing your business, but not for making money.

How does this happen and what does this media actually bring to a company?


Roles of a blog for your business

The blog is a medium and a means of communication to highlight the products and services of a company. It’s a way to attract potential prospects and a promotional tool that complements a physical business. Compared to a showcase site, the blog gives more details and information about products or services. The first, for its part, informs customers about products without additional information. In a blog, the content is rich, clear and detailed, boosting SEO and generating better visibility on search engines. Less formal, this promotional tool will humanize the company with a tone that is freer than that of the showcase site. The blogger will convey the basics of knowing about the products and about the business itself. It will highlight the services in a less commercial tone, bringing a better image in the research carried out by the Internet users.

The blog is a marketing tool to communicate, inform or make known. It requires a minimum of time to update it and promote the company’s products and services. To attract the attention of Internet users, its articles must be written by a writer who has a good style.

The company must not have as sole objective the sale. It must measure the return on investment over the long term, keep consistency in communication (tone, graphic, image, etc.), disseminate information that can be used by competitors or without official validation and motivate employees internally to enrich the blog.


Advantages of a blog

A company with a blog regularly updates it to communicate to customers its products and news. Thus, the information will quickly pass from one client to another through its networks of contacts. In the articles, a company can mention the secrets of making a product, an unusual use or reveal behind the scenes by describing a process. This tool is useful for a promotional campaign where a company displays illustrations with comments (videos).

A blog tells the story of a company. It is not limited to selling products and services. It highlights the content of the brand and is a source of detailed information (70% of customers learn more about the brand through articles than advertising).

A blog encourages customers to turn regularly to the company. It creates links with them and is a platform of proximity to be on the lookout for their needs. Indeed, thanks to the comments, the two-way communication is activated. Internet users can thus give their opinion on the products. They ask questions or thank you for the details about the services. For the company, the comments allow to better know the expectations of their customers and prospects.

By establishing a close link between customers and the company, the blog promotes loyalty. The relationship between the two parties is personalized and direct. The company is a brand image that arouses the desire of the customer to consume or buy a product or service.

This social media has an editorial line regularly highlighting news. Therefore, its traffic is more regular whereas on a showcase site, customer goes away once he has found what he came to seek.

By creating a blog, a company increases its popularity through social networks. By publishing and producing rich and quality content marketing, you improve your community management. The blog generates the sharing of followers and fans. It is a global web strategy that can group all social media: Google +, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Pinterest, Viadeo, etc.

Thanks to a blog, a company increases its visibility on the web and its ranking on search engines (with updated content) and through quotes from other websites. With such a tool, a company creates new content and new pages. The blog enriches the keywords which allows the company to easily attract prospects. A company becomes the reference in its sector of activity.


What to put in a blog

A blog must contain useful information of interest to Internet users. The sole purpose is not to promote products and services that will annoy and drive away readers. While remaining subtle, a company must evoke the usefulness of such product or service. It must feed this medium so that it is unique and interesting. It will regularly inform consumers with quality content.

With the system of backlinks, a company improves its SEO, because there are several links that point to the site. Indeed, companies that own a blog enjoy 4 times more pages indexed by Google and 97% more links to their site. As a result, a company increases the traffic on the site and develops its success with its prospects.

To attract the attention of the customers, it is necessary to have an editorial line of the articles and to bring an added value. The ideal would be to write and publish interesting articles of interest to the community that contain backlinks and keywords, used wisely. The editorial and value-added are important as readers increase the profile of a company that, in turn, will be of interest to many customers.

In short, the blog is the gateway of customers for a company. According to a survey, business organizations with a blog show that, based on 1,500 customers, 55% and 61% of its customers made a purchase after reading a blog post. In any case, if the traffic increases, the sale also improves.